Membership 1989–90 through 2014–15

Alphabetical Listing
President’s Office
Provost’s Office
Center for the Education of Women
Women’s Agenda Liaison

Alphabetical Listing

(Titles are those in effect at the time of PACWI service)

Gloria Thomas (Chairperson 2009–Present)
Director, Center for the Education of Women

Carol Hollenshead (Chairperson 1989–2008)
Director, Center for the Education of Women

Nicole Acevedo
PhD Candidate, Dept. of Molecular and Integrative Physiology

Ruth Addis
Systems Project Coordinator, User Services, Information Technology Division

Paula Allen-Meares
Dean and Professor of Social Work

Ann Alvarez
Graduate Student, Social Work and Social Science

Elizabeth Anderson
Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy

Naomi Andre
Associate Professor, Women’s Studies

Toni Antonucci
Professor of Psychology, Assoc. Dean of Rackham

Alexa Ariazi
Undergraduate Student, International Studies and Women’s Studies

Lisa Bakale-Wise
Undergraduate Student, Political Science and Sociology

Megan Ballinger
Clinical Lecturer in Internal Medicine, Medical School

Mark Banaszak Holl
Professor Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biophysics, and Macromolecular Science & Engineering

Elizabeth Beattie
Regulatory Affairs Auditor, Office of Human Research Compliance Review

Rebecca Blank
Dean, Ford School of Public Policy

Mary Brake
Associate Professor, Nuclear Engineering Department

Cheryl Bratt
Undergraduate Student, English and Women’s Studies

Petula Brown
Business Analyst, Medical Center Information Technology

Jennifer Buan
Undergraduate, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA)

Laurie Burns
Manager, Information Technology Division

Nancy Cantor
Associate Dean of the Graduate School; Professor, Department of Psychology

Jesse Carr
Graduate Student, American Culture

Nicole Carson
Graduate Student, Social Work and Social Science

Maria Castro
Professor of Neurosurgery and Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

Rosario (Rosie) Ceballo
Associate Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies

Linda Chatters
Associate Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education, School of Public Health; Faculty Associate, Research Center for Groups Dynamics, Institute for Social Research

Kelly Cichy
Director, Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Shingairai Chitanda
Director, Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Sarah Chopp
Undergraduate, LSA

Patricia Coleman-Burns
Director, Multicultural Affairs, School of Nursing

Susan Collins
Dean of the School of Public Policy and Professor of Economics

Cathy Conway-Perrin
Associate Director, LSA Academic Advising

Lilia Cortina
Associate Professor, Departments of Psychology and Women’s Studies

Maria Cotera
Director of Latina/o Studies Program; Associate Professor of American Culture and Women’s Studies

Margaret Creger
Research Associate, School of Business Administration

Stacy Davis
Senior; President Student, Alumni Council

Chanel DeGuzman
Director, Academic Diversity Initiatives, School of Public Health

Avery Demond
Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

Kimberly Dillon
Undergraduate, Engineering

Devan Donaldson
Graduate Student, School of Information

Colleen Dolan-Greene
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs–Personnel

Kathleen Donohoe
Director, Sexual Harassment Policy Office

Karen Downing
Senior Associate Librarian, Graduate Library

Lynne Dumas
Program Representative, Rackham Graduate School

Rhetaugh G. Dumas
Dean, School of Nursing; Professor of Nursing

T. Sha’ Duncan
Graduate Student, Social Work

Jacquelynne Eccles
Senior Research Scientist, Research Center for Group Dynamics; Professor, Department of Psychology and School of Education; Chair, Department of Psychology

Rebecca S. Eisenberg
Associate Professor, Law

Susan Eklund
Associate Dean, School of Law

Samantha Elias
Undergraduate Student, Business

Sarah Ely
Plant Academy Training Center Manager

Elise Erickson
Undergraduate Student, Nursing

Nora Faires
Associate Professor, History Department, College of Arts and Science, Flint Campus

Eva Feldman
Associate Professor, Medicine

Dee Fenner
Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Professor Urology

Jackie Fish
Undergraduate Student, Ross School of Business

Carley Flanery
Undergraduate Student, Sociology

Linda Foit
Research Associate, Department of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology

LaSonia Forte
Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations

Lydia Fossa
Graduate Student Teaching Assistant; Residential College; LSA

Ruth Freeman
Undergraduate Student, LSA

Carrie Garcia
Law Student

Susan Gelman
Professor, Department of Psychology

Gloria Gibson
Graduate Student, Sociology Department

John Godfrey
Assistant Dean for International Education, Rackham School of
Graduate Studies

Deborah Goldberg
Chair and Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Amy Gordon
Undergraduate Student, LSA

Debra Graddick
Administrative Associate, Anthropology Department

Sandra Graham-Bermann
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Fiona Rose Greenland
Graduate Student, Sociology and Public Policy

Martha Guenin
Administrative Associate, Office of the Provost, Flint

Lorraine Gutierrez
Associate Professor, Social Work

Andrew Hamill
Masters Student, Social Work

Siobán Harlow
Professor of Epidemiology, School of Public Health

E. Royster Harper
Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and to the Dean of LSA

Melissa Harris
Associate Dean & Associate Professor, Architecture & Urban Planning

Janet Hart
Associate Professor, Anthropology

Glenda Haskell
Coordinator of Academic Services Programs, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Zina R. Haywood
Financial Aid Officer

Judith Heady
Associate Professor, Department of Natural Sciences, Dearborn Campus

Pamela Heatlie
Associate Director, Office of Institutional Equity

Katie Hendricks
Undergraduate Student, LSA

Mary Hinesly
Director, Women’s Initiative, Ross School of Business

Ada Sue Hinshaw
Dean and Professor, School of Nursing

Margaret Holmes-Burkeen
Administrative Manager, Department of Surgery

Brooke Horton
Graduate Student, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology

June M. Howard
Associate Professor, English, Women’s Studies; Associate Chair,
Department of English

Kendra Huard
Senior, LSA

Sylvia Hurtado
Director, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, and Associate Professor, School of Education

J. Bianca Jackson
Graduate Student, Applied Physics

Jane Johnson
Business Administrator Senior, LSA Outreach Staffing Services

Sally Johnson
Director of Mediation Services and Building Great Places to Work

Timothy R. B. Johnson
Chair and Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Medicine

Liene Karels
Assistant Director, Marketing Communications

Jennifer Karlin
Graduate Student, Industrial and Operations Engineering

Carol Karlsen
Professor, History Department

Shari A Katz
Undergraduate Student, LSA

Kim Kearfott
Professor, Nuclear Engineering Department

Arlene Keizer
Associate Professor, English, Afroamerican and African Studies

Deborah Keller-Cohen
Associate Professor of Linguistics, Program in Linguistics

Zeinab Khalil
Undergraduate Student, International Security, Norms & Cooperation and Middle Eastern & North African Studies

Daria Kirby
Graduate Student, Department of Psychology

Sarah Kucemba
Undergraduate Student, Communications Studies and Women’s Studies Gender & Health

Carrie E. Landrum
Program Manager, Office of Student Conflict Resolution

Nicole Laughlin
Senior, LSA

Laura Lein
Dean and Professor of Social Work; Professor of Anthropology

Kim Leung
Undergraduate Student, Public Policy

Catherine Lilly
Senior Advisor to the Office of the Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Gretchen Lopez
Graduate Student, Department of Psychology

Nancy Love
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Andrew Lowell
Research Fellow, Life Sciences Institute

Jeffrey MacKie-Mason
Dean, School Of Information

Rebecca Mark
Undergraduate Student, Political Science

Jill Mateo
Graduate Student, Biopsychology, Department of Psychology

Jacqueline Mattis
Graduate Student Research Assistant, Department of Psychology

Kelly Maxwell
Co-Director, Program on Intergroup Relations; Adjunct Lecturer in Psychology

Jennie McAlpine
Director of Work/Life Programs

Ben McJunkin
Graduate Student, Law

Robin Means Coleman
Associate Professor of Communications Studies and Associate Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies

Miriam H. Meisler
Professor of Human Genetics, Medical School

Joanna Mirecki-Millunchick
Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering

Elizabeth Moje
Associate Dean and Professor of Education; Faculty Associate,
Institute for Social Research; Faculty Affiliate, Latino/a Studies

Sarah Moldenhauer
Graduate Student, Psychology and Women’s Studies

Mark Moldwin
Professor of Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Sciences

Anne Monterio
Assistant Dean for Students, College of Engineering

Dana Muir
Associate Professor of Business Law, School of Business

Jennifer Nulty
Masters Student, Social Work

Roberta Palmer
Secretary to the University

Silvia Pedraza
Professor of Sociology and American Culture

Chavella Pittman
Graduate Student, Sociology

Marianetta Porter
Professor, School of Art & Design

Tiffany Porties
Director of Recruitment, Program in Biomedical Sciences

Sahana Prasad
Undergraduate Student, Women’s Studies

Yopie Prins
Associate Professor, English and Comparative Literature

Elisabeth (Lies) Quint
Assistant Dean for Clinical Faculty and Clinical Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, School of Medicine

Beth G. Reed
Associate Professor of Social Work & Women’s Studies, School of Social Work

Larry Rowley
Adjunct Assistant Professor and Program Officer for Diversity & Mentoring Initiatives, Rackham School of Graduate Studies

Rebecca Rueble
Undergraduate Student, LSA

Felicia Sandler
Graduate Student in Composition, School of Music

Robin Sarris
Administrative Director, LSA

Gina Sartor
Undergraduate Student, College of Engineering

Arlene Saxonhouse
Chair, Department of Political Science, LSA

Melita Schaum
Associate Professor of English, Humanities Department

Cindi Schipani
Professor, School of Business Administration

David Schoem
Director, Michigan Community Scholars Program; Adjunct Associate Professor in Sociology

Dawn Schrader
Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineering Department

Doneka R. Scott
Undergraduate Student, College of Engineering

Leena Shah
Undergraduate Student

Donna Shewach
Professor, Pharmacology

Laura Shoemaker
Undergraduate Student, Panhellenic President

Pat Simons
Associate Professor of History of Art and Women’s Studies

Barbara Smuts
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology; Associate Professor, Anthropology Department

Suellyn Scarnecchia
Clinical Professor of Law

Catherine Spires
Associate Chair and Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department

Julie Stacey
Senior, LSA

Julie Ann Steiner
Coordinator, Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Abigail Stewart
Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies; Chair, Women’s Studies

V. Thandi Sule
Graduate Student, School of Education

Mary Ann Swain
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of Nursing

Michele Swanson
Associate Professor of Microbiology & Immunology

Lisa Tedesco
Associate Dean, Dental School

Leslie Tentler
Professor of History, Dearborn Campus

Laurita Thomas
Administrator for Human Resources for the Medical Campus; Assistant Director, UMHS Office of the Executive Director

Paula Thompson
Academic Secretary III, Physics Department

Richard Tolman
Associate Dean, School of Social Work

Sharon Vaughters
Senior Assistant to the Dean of Students; Intermittent Lecturer in Women’s Studies

Kristine Vliet
Undergraduate Student, LS&A

Daniel Washington
Associate Dean and Professor, School of Music, Theatre, & Dance

Kim Watson
Undergraduate Student, College of Engineering

Shannon Watt
NSF Discovery Corps Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry

Laura Wernick
Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Social Work

Denise White
Employment Representative, UMHS Human Resources Department

Christina Whitman
Associate Dean and Professor, Law School

Tajuana Williams
Undergraduate Student, President IOE Student Society

Janis Williamson
Senior Customer Service Representative, University Health Service

Cassandra Willis-Abner
Director of Managed Care Operations, UMHS

Linda S. Wilson
Vice President for Research

Sarah Winans Newman
Associate Vice President for Research; Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Medical School

Rochelle L. Woods
Assistant Director for Undergraduate Development, Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives

Wendy Woods
Academic Advisor, Academic Standards Board, LSA Student Academic Affairs

Joyce Wright
Interim Director, Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Grace Wu
Research Administrator, Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes, Medical School

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President’s Office

Lisa Baker
Director, Public Affairs, Office of the Vice President for Government Relations and Secretary of the University

Sally Churchill
Vice President and Secretary of the University

Shirley A. Clarkson
Assistant to the President

Constance E. Cook
Assistant to the President

Zaida I. Giraldo
Director of Affirmative Action

Erika Hrabec
Executive Assistant and Chief Administrator, Office of the President

Lisa Tedesco
Vice President and Secretary of the University

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Provost’s Office

E. Kay Dawson
Assistant to the Provost

Susan Lipschutz
Associate Provost; Adjunct Associate Professor of Philosophy

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Center for the Education of Women

Jessica Greenfield,
CEW Policy Intern, Masters Student, Social Work

Susan Kaufmann
Associate Director

Adriana Lopez
CEW Policy Intern, Masters Student, Social Work

Beth Sullivan
Senior Associate for Advocacy & Policy

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Women’s Agenda Liaison

Jayne Thorson
Director, Faculty Affairs, Medical School Faculty Affairs Office

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