Career Development Passport Coming to Campus

The University of Michigan executive leadership recently approved funding for a new Voices of the Staff project, called the Career Development Passport. Modeled after the Diversity Passport created by Business & Finance, this project will allow individual employees to document their career/professional development as they take part in career-oriented presentations and networking events, and learn about career resources on campus.

CEW Senior Counselors Jacqueline Bowman and Valerie Eaglin, along with CEW’s Janice Reuben, who staffs the Women of Color Task Force, will serve on the project team headed by Jean Tennyson of University Human Resources. The team will plan and coordinate this staff development initiative aimed at empowering U-M staff to take more responsibility for their individual and collective career development aspirations and will include representatives from the University Human Resources, VOICES of the Staff Career Development Network Group; U-M Health System Human Resources Office; Human Resource Development Office (HRD), the Women of Color Task Force, and CEW. In addition, CEW will also host a few of the career development events as part of its program offerings during the 2013 winter semester.

As many as 900 employees from the Ann Arbor and Medical campuses will be able to register for the 12-month project, with major launch events planned for February and March 2013. Departments and units interested in receiving additional information about the pilot should contact the Career Development Passport Pilot planning team at

Go the the Career Development Passport Information page for more details regarding this project.