CEW Celebrates 42 Years of Awarding Scholarships

2012 CEW Scholarship Awards Event  Sunday, Sept. 30 2-4pm  Michigan League Ballroom, 2nd floor. 
Free parking available in the Thayer St. Structure

This Sunday CEW will award 53 scholarships and fellowships to a group of amazing students. The CEW scholarships and fellowships honor the performance and potential of students who have interruptions in their education, strong academic records, and impressive past accomplishments and future goals. CEW has awarded over $5 million dollars in scholarships and fellowships since the program began in 1970. The scholarships go to women, and men, in any undergraduate or graduate program on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, or Flint campuses.

Women at the University of Michigan now earn over 50% of undergraduate degrees and over 40% of graduate degrees (Status of Women Report, University of Michigan, 2007-2008). But these numbers do not tell the whole story. Behind today’s statistics are the experiences of many women who have struggled as much as their 1970’s predecessors to achieve their educational dreams– or who have given up secure and prestigious careers to devote their talents to solving the world’s social, political and environmental problems.

The Center created its Scholarship Program with the goal of enabling these women to continue their education at the University of Michigan. It’s clear that CEW scholarships still fill an enormous need. This year’s 53 scholars and fellows–like the 1440 who preceded them–certainly rely on the financial support. As important as the money, however, is the confidence they develop in knowing that someone believes in them. A recent scholar expressed her thoughts this way:

“The road to my academic success has been paved with hurdles that have seemed insurmountable, but with the help of my family, academic counselors, and the financial generosity that I have been shown, I am still fighting the good fight… I am deeply appreciative of this CEW scholarship. I have reached some emotional lows as of late and being the recipient of this award reminds me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. My intention is to extend that light for many tunnels to come. Thank you.”

CEW scholars are today contributing their knowledge and talents across the world. They are doctors and nurses caring for the elderly and the disenfranchised; musicians and artists; teachers, scholars, social workers, lawyers, engineers and public policy experts working across the spectrum of disadvantaged populations; environmentalists and urban planners addressing issues of sustainability; and scientific researchers working to cure all kinds of diseases.

The 2012-2013 CEW Scholars represent all three University of Michigan campuses, a wide variety of disciplines, both graduate and undergraduate degrees, and an age range from 26 to 59.

With Gratitude

CEW celebrates the rich partnership among CEW staff, the University community, and our loyal supporters.  We thank the generous donors who have built such a strong legacy of financial assistance and encouragement for students at the University of Michigan.