CEW Receives Ford Foundation Grant to Facilitate Statewide Partnership Addressing Women’s Economic Security

The Center for the Education of Women has begun a new initiative to build an academic-community partnership focused on developing program and policy recommendations addressing women’s economic security in Detroit and Flint.

The Ford Foundation has generously provided $385,000 to the Center for the The Michigan Partners Project. The project is a collaboration that will involve faculty and researchers from all three U-M campuses, as well as from other Michigan colleges, along with representatives of nonprofit organizations, advocates, and low-income women themselves. This three-year project will be the foundation for ongoing CEW advocacy efforts in the years to come.

The partners in this collaboration will jointly 1) identify policy and system barriers or supports to increase the economic mobility of Michigan’s low-income women of color, 2) share what is learned, and 3) sustain and support positive outcomes for the long term. Because the urban centers of Detroit and Flint include high percentages of single women heading households, women of color, and women in poverty, the Michigan Partners Project will focus its attention first on those two areas. It is there that the partners will begin to address the needs identified in year one. The project will also support graduate student research and provide two local activists with sabbaticals so that they might develop policy campaign initiatives advocating specific policy recommendations.

Michigan Meetings 2014 Awarded

Coordinating with the Michigan Partners Project, the Center has received funding from the U-M Rackham Graduate School to hold one of two Michigan Meetings in 2014 on the topic of Economic Security and Mobility for Women. These meetings are designed to provide a visible and viable venue to address topics of interdisciplinary and global importance. The conference will also serve as a signature event during the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Center for the Education of Women in 2014.

For further information about these new initiatives, contact Project Coordinator, Ebony Reddock at esandusk@umich.edu .