Sophia Kruz, CEW Twink Frey Visiting Social Activist, Discusses Upcoming Documentary "Little Stones"

CEW employee Juliana Roth recently interviewed CEW Twink Frey Visiting Social Activist Sophia Kruz for the Ann Arbor District Library Pulp arts blog to discuss her upcoming documentary Little Stones (click here to read the interview).

Little Stones (working title Creating4Change) is a feature-length documentary film which features four female artists from Brazil, Senegal, India and the United States who are using their creativity, intelligence, talent and art to create positive change for girls and women all over the world.

Kruz's film explores barriers to gender equity, including human trafficking, female genital mutilation, domestic violence, and extreme poverty. Through the eyes of the four featured artists, viewers will see the transformative power of art, and how it can be tapped to empower women and girls globally.

"I think art is hugely important in changing culture" says Kruz. "Often, artists are also activists, on the front lines of social change movements. Art can ignite an idea in the collective consciousness, rally a community around an issue, and provide healing for those in need. I do think art is undervalued in American culture and that just saying, as a community, "art is important," really isn't enough—we need to invest in the arts as well."


A sneak preview of her film is planned for early October at the Michigan Theater (exact time and date to be announced later). You can learn more about Kruz's work and upcoming screenings on her website.

Each year, the Twink Frey Visiting Social Activist (VSA) Program brings to CEW a social justice activist whose work affects women and recognizes gender equity issues. One goal of the program is to build the capacity and effectiveness of social activists which is is accomplished by giving the VSA time, space and support to work on a project that would not be possible under the activist’s usual working circumstances.

Click here for more information about CEW's Twink Frey Visiting Social Activist Program.