CEW Developing New Strategy for Offering Community Counseling

Historically, CEW was one of the first and only units on campus to raech out to people in surrounding communities, especially to help women achieve thier educational and career aspirations.  Providing counseling and programming to our Ann Arbor neighbors has been central to CEW's mission since Jean Campbell and friends first opened our doors in 1964.  In 2009-2010, for example, 52% of all counseling participants were southeast Michigan community members.

According to Director Gloria Thomas, "CEW is certainly mindful of the economy and its effect on all University of Michigan operations.  At the same time, we are committed to continuing our community connections.  The Center is re-establishing a program in which MSW interns from U-M's School of Social Work counsel community members.  Doing so would support the University's teaching mission by giving future social workers the opportunity to work with clients under the supervision of CEW's own counselors." While such a program may eventually provide a solution, we must also respond to the imminent problem. 

CEW is extremely grateful that Connie and Tom Kinnear have come forward to help.  As our related story announces, Connie, a member of the Center's Leadership Council and a long-time friend, recently presented Gloria with $100,000 to help sustain the community counseling program while we work on restructuring it.  

We are overwhelmed by the Kinnears' generosity and by their faith in CEW's mission to offer the opportunity for education and personal growth to everyone within reach of our doors.  We need everyone's help.  Recently, Donna Anuskiewicz, a retired high school teacher and a  memeber of the 2011 CEW Scholarship Reader Committee, has committed to conributing a gift of $400 for 10 years to the Community Counseling Fund.  The gift is in memory of Donna's sister, Leslie Elizabeth Aldridge Reed, who worked in computer technology for the U.S. Army.  We thank Donna for her generous support.  If you are interested in joining Connie, Tom and Donna by contributing to the newly endowed Community Counseling Fund, please contact Charlotte Myers, Gift Officer, at (734) 764-7258 or email at charlomy@umich.edu

In future newsletters, we'll keep you up to date on our remodeled community counseling program.  Or visit our website (www.cew.umich.edu) to learn about it and all the other exciting things happening at CEW.