Sue Kaufmann, CEW Associate Director for Advocacy, to Retire

Sue Kaufmann, CEW Associate Director for Advocacy, is retiring in late December after 22 years of service to the Center. Sue’s impact, however, has reached far beyond the Center, advancing change at the University and in our local community.

During her tenure at CEW, Sue has, at various times, created and led the Michigan Women’s Leadership Project and the Advanced Leadership Program, overseen all the Center’s services and programs, served on or chaired several U-M task forces addressing campus child care needs and the needs of student parents, and staffed the President’s Advisory Commission on Women’s Issues. Sue also served lengthy terms on the Campus Safety and Security Advisory Committee and the Academic Services Board. During 2004, Sue served as Interim Director of CEW and in 2006 was appointed Associate Director for Advocacy.

Sue has written on topics including the negative impact of anti-affirmative action laws, women in the high-tech knowledge economy, women’s access to higher education in Michigan, and reforming welfare reform.

Known across the campus and in the community for her work regarding violence against women, Sue launched the pioneering 1981 “Tell Someone!” program to combat sexual harassment as the women’s advocate in the U-M Office of Affirmative Action, and led the Ann Arbor Mayor’s Task Force on Violence Against Women, which later became the Washtenaw County Task Force on Gender Violence and Safety, from 1995-2004. She created U-M Abuse Hurts in 2006 and continues to co-lead it. Early in her career, she served as the director of the Washtenaw County Assault Crisis Center.

Sue began her life-long career in advocacy for gender equity by helping in the early 1970’s to mobilize her peers among women graduate students in the U-M School of Natural Resources and women employees of Washtenaw County to press for equal access to opportunity.

Although retirement is only a few months away, Sue has another large task to complete… Between now and retirement, Sue is planning the conference Campus Sexual Assault Policy: Problems and Progress scheduled for late October 2012. (See story here)

Asked to summarize her experience, Sue says, “I have been privileged to have wonderful colleagues at CEW, across U-M, in government and in private nonprofit organizations who are committed to working collectively for positive change. I am grateful to know them.”

Sue Kaufmann’s colleagues at CEW, in the University community, and across Washtenaw County wish to thank Sue for her tireless work on behalf of women.