President's Advisory Commission on Women's Issues

​Between 1989 and 2015, the President’s Advisory Commission on Women’s Issues (PACWI) provided recommendations to University leaders on a wide range of issues affecting women students, faculty and staff. The objective of the Commission was to help women achieve full and equal participation in all aspects of life and leadership at the University of Michigan. PACWI promoted the development of new policies, practices, and procedures designed to enhance gender and racial equity.

As of April 2015, many units at U-M began restructuring various roles and initiatives in order to advance the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Toward that end, and as part of a thoughtful self-assessment, the Center for the Education of Women decided to focus more of its efforts and resources on the success of non-traditional and underserved student populations. As part of that decision, CEW no longer coordinates and staffs the President’s Advisory Commission on Women’s Issues (PACWI).

Under the new Vice Provost for Equity, Inclusion and Academic Affairs, new initiatives and forums are taking shape, so if you have an interest in acting as a campus advocate related to racial/ethnic and gender diversity and inclusion, please contact Robert Sellers ( or 734-764-3982) about possible opportunities to lend your support. PACWI has played a vital role at U-M, and its energies and ideas will continue to be realized through a new generation of leaders and members of the University community.

The tremendous accomplishments of PACWI since its inception in 1989 are numerous and something for which members over the years can all be proud. At its final meeting on Friday, April 17th 2015, PACWI members reviewed major accomplishments of the Commission and celebrated those successes with a reception. In attendance were students, staff, faculty and postdoc PACWI members from across the decades. Many lively reflections were shared as members recounted victories achieved and the work yet to be done.

The PACWI Accomplishments presentation, including speaker notes, can be downloaded here.

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