MPP Spokeswomen

CEW believes that the most powerful agents for women's economic security are women who have stories speaking to the intersection of lived experience and policy. Under the Michigan Partners Project grant, CEW supported three spokeswomen who advocated through powerful and engaging narratives.  These women spoke to a variety of audiences across the state on topics such as:

  • Equal pay for women
  • Increasing workers’ access to paid sick days
  • Improving college support structures for pregnant & parenting students 

MPP Spokeswomen:

  • Dr. Rita Fields is an assistant professor of Management at Madonna University who also shares her powerful story of living in poverty to advocate for personal and policy change. (Learn more about her)

  • Ms. Kindra Speech is a community activist who uses her experiences with the health care system to illustrate the need for progressive policy change regarding economic issues. (Learn more about her)

To schedule one of these Detroit-area activists to speak, please contact either:

Tameka Ramsey, Program Director
MI Center for Progressive Leadership

Danielle Atkinson, Director,
Mothering Justice