Ms. Nyeeyah Waldron

Ms. Waldron is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, a wife and mother of four. She shares her

powerful journey of completing higher education to illustrate the benefits of safety net programs in helping women become economically self-sufficient. Ms. Waldron is a skilled professional with over ten years experience working
with clients from diverse backgrounds to build product and brand messaging effectiveness. She has provided brand and promotional representation for Fortune 500 companies at trade, educational, and promotional events. With exceptional communication and problem solving skills, she has represented her clients effectively and built relationships with key stakeholders.
Ms. Waldron volunteers at C.O.A.C.H M.A.C., an organization that mentors young women between the ages of 7-12. The program provides leadership training and helps young women to become tomorrow's leaders. Ms. Waldron is the daughter of civil rights activists Dr. Ameenah E.P. Omar (known as Evelyn Pierce at the time of the “Tougaloo Nine” sit-in at the Jackson Mississippi Public Library) and Abdul Aziz Omar, brother of Malcolm X.
Ms. Waldron’s Michigan Partners Project Speaking Topics:
• Access to Paid Sick Days and Its Role in Economic Stability
• Improving College Support Programs for Students Raising Children