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The window to submit VSA Fellowship Applications is closed. See details below.


Fellowship Program Overview

Each year, the Twink Frey Visiting Social Activist (VSA) Program brings to CEW a social justice activist whose work affects women and recognizes gender equity issues. One goal of the program is to build the capacity and effectiveness of social activists. This is accomplished by giving the VSA time, space and support to work on a project that would not be possible under the activist’s usual working circumstances.

A four-week stay in Ann Arbor, Michigan, gives the selected activist time for reflection, research, planning and writing related to the area of activism. A $10,000 stipend, housing and travel expenses are paid by the program. Each VSA is required to create a product that will advance the future work of the VSA and potentially benefit other activists. This product may be a report, plan of action, communication strategy, training tool or other item relevant to the activist’s work. See this website's section on "Activists' Products" for some examples.  Read more about the Program Overview here.


The Visiting Social Activist program defines social justice and equity programs broadly to include activism in such areas as housing, employment, income support, food security, education, violence, child care, health care, and employer benefits like paid sick leave and retirement income. The program supports activists whose work addresses gender equity issues that affect the lives of women and/or girls.

Visiting Social Activist Product

Interested activists must develop a product proposal relevant to their work. Product examples include a report, plan of action, communication strategy, training tool or other item. The product will later be published on CEW’s website. Nominees must outline a plan for working on the product during their four-week stay and describe how insights gained from the visit will be integrated into the activist’s future work. Ideally, nominees should be able to suggest ways to disseminate their product in order to advance the work of other activists. Product ideas with the potential to have a regional or national impact and/or to be replicable by other activists are encouraged.  

Nomination, Application & Selection Process

The process to select future Visiting Social Activists occurs every other year. Two activists are selected at a time, with their Ann Arbor residencies scheduled for the following two academic years (i.e., September through April). For example, in April 2015, CEW chose Sophie Kruz for a residency in October 2015 and Susan Eisenberg for a residency in the fall semester of 2016.

The window to submit applications and nominations for activists whose one-month stay would be between September 2017 and April 2019 is now closed.  Applicant materials are under review and sub-finalists will be interviewed in the winter of 2017.  Two fellowship recipients will be chosen by May 2017.  Questions about the process may be sent to Beth Sullivan at or Samara Hough at