CEW's 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2014

In 2014, CEW will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a year of programming that honors the past and looks to the future. Join us! We'll have more information in the Fall newsletter, but initial plans include:

Kickoff: February/March 2014:
Working with community partners, CEW will launch the 50th with a high-profile public program featuring a woman (or women) leader(s) speaking to the role women play in building, improving, and sustaining their communities. 

Women's Economic Security and Mobility Conference: Early May, 2014:
A two and one-half day interdisciplinary, multi-sector conference will focus on combating barriers that low-income women face as they seek economic security and mobility. A keynote presentation will be open to the public.

Click HERE to find out more about the Women's Economic Mobility Project.

Finale: October 17-18, 2014:
Culminating the year, CEW will honor the achievements of CEW Scholarship recipients and the ripples they create in the larger world. A special Scholarship Awards Ceremony and a celebration banquet are planned. 

Click HERE to find out more about the CEW Scholarship Program.

Stay tuned for more information regarding CEW's 50th anniversary celebrations!