Career Identity Beyond the Ivory Tower

November 29, 2017 - 3:00pm - 4:30pm
CEW, 330 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor

Presenter: Doreen Murasky, LMSW, ACSW, CEW Student Program Manager

Making the decision to switch from a possible tenure-track path to pursue other career options may raise a variety of career and personal considerations. This program will offer you an opportunity to explore the often emotional move away from a tenure-track career and provide resources for taking a next step. Connect with other graduate students on issues of importance to you with an emphasis on how to create a new identity, perhaps one different from what others may imagine for you. Please join us for this thought-provoking conversation to help you develop confidence as you embark on a meaningful post-academic career.

Doreen Murasky, LMSW, ACSW is the Student Program Manager at CEW, overseeing the scholarship and social work internship programs, and the development of services to build community for nontraditional students at UM. She also enjoys developing and presenting dynamic programs with a focus on holistic life planning through the lifespan.