Forming a Community of CEW Scholars

Are you a former CEW Scholar? Have you ever wanted to connect with other accomplished people who, like you, have taken nontraditional routes to their futures? Have you ever thought about paying forward your knowledge and life experience to others on a similar path?

CEW has been reaching out to the more than 1,500 Scholarship and Fellowship awardees. In small group sessions, e-mail surveys, and individual conversations, we’ve listened to women representing wide expanses of life-stage, academic discipline, career, and geography. They told CEW they would like to interact meaningfully with women who, like them, had forged nontraditional paths to fulfill their professional and academic dreams.

CEW asked Shelley Strickland (PhD, School of Education, 2013; Margaret Dow Towsley Scholar 2008), to investigate the possibilities. This past January-June, Shelley conducted in-depth interviews with a diverse population of CEW Scholars. Their interests coalesced around three areas:

1) A database of talent, experience, and wisdom that CEW Scholars could access;
2)Peer mentoring opportunities involving both personal and professional lives
(to maintain CEW’s approach of embracing the whole person) and
3) Periodic gatherings of Scholars, both in Ann Arbor and in cities around
the country.

During the 50th Anniversary Friends and Scholars Weekend October 17-18 (see article above), Scholars will have further opportunities to shape this emerging program and take steps to make it a reality. We hope you will consider coming to Ann Arbor in October for the full slate of 50th Anniversary activities, and that if you are in town, you will join us in these conversations. All Scholarship and Fellowship awardees should receive a Save-the-Date notice in July; email invitations will go out in August. If you’d like to participate but will not be able to attend the Friends and Scholars Weekend, please email Mary Lynn Stevens at or call her at 734-764-7291.