Honor Roll of CEW Contributors

The Center is thankful for the many individuals, families and foundations that choose to support our work with financial contributions. WIthout these gifts, many lives would go untouched by the power of the Center's programs, services and support. The Center staff, CEW Leadership Council, and clients offer our heartfelt thanks. This Honor Roll reflects contributions received from January 2012 through March 15, 2013.

In Memory
Corporations and Foundations
Matching Companies

(Names listed alphabetically by last name)

Sara-Ann Abelson
Marjorie and Eugene Alber
Janet Allen-Wilborn
Susan Almazol
Abbey Alpern and David Bern
Carol Amster
Barbara Anderson and John Romani
Elizabeth Anderson and David Jacobi
Barbara Anton
Donna Anuskiewicz
Evelyn Ashley
Ann Austin-Beck and John Beck
Joan Axelrod and Michael Peraino
Sharon Bader
Gail and Edward Bagale
Antionette Baldin
Luise Baldin
Paula Barnes
Constance Barron and John Miller
Anita Barry and William Meyer
Deepika Batra
Dorothy Bauer
Barbara and Philip Bayless
C. David Bearden
Carole and Dennis Becker
Wendy Beckwith
Kristina Bee
Arlie Bennett
Gail and Lawrence Berkove
Lillian and Roy Berlin
Charlene Bickford
Dorrit Billman and Richard Billington
Joan Binkow
Olivia and William Birdsall
Judith Bischoff
Elizabeth Bishop
Christine and Herbert Black
Stacy Blake-Beard
Lynn and Martin Bloom
Alice Bowdish
Jean Bowering and Emery Nordberg
Suzanne Bradley
Connie and Keith Brinkerhoff
June and Donald Brown
Vivian Brown
Weston Bruner
Sara and Jack Bunce
Karen Bunge
Keven and Kenneth Burchfield
Virginia and Richard Burd
Carol and Paul Burkholder
Eunice Burns
Tamara Burns and Dennis McGowan
Cindy and Kenneth Bylsma
Cleopatra Howard Caldwell
Ann and Robert Camara
Joan Campbell and Timothy Williams
Deborah Carey and Robert Yehl
Noreen and Leo Carrigan
Marjorie and Donald Carter
Rita and Vincent Caruso
James Casserly
Maria Cervone
Letha Chadiha
Loretta and Donald Chalfant
L. Ross Chambers
Ann Chapman
Ann Chappuis
Narupon Chattrapiban
Elizabeth Chen
Joan and Mark Chesler
Stephanie Christians
Shannon Clements
Julius Cohen
Carol Conti-Entin
Ann Cook and Daniel Siivola
Lynn Couey
Laura and Clifford Craig
Laura and Thomas Crane
Penelope and Richard Crawford
Geraldine and Robert Custer
Constance D'Amato
Sandra and Sheldon Danziger
Martha Darling and Gilbert Omenn
Regent Julia Darlow and John O'Meara
Kate Davy
Mildred Denecke
Leslie DePietro
Eilisha Dermont
Theresa Deussen
Sally and Robert DeVol
Lois Dickinson
Joanne Disch
Judith and Stephen Dobson
Molly Dobson
Dawn Dodge
Karen and Stuart Downing
Jennifer and Matthew Drake
David Drevon
Mary Drevon
Jonathan Dreyfuss
Gretchen Driskell
Joyce Duke
Jane Dutton and Lloyd Sandelands
Betty Holland Dye
Kelly and Benjamin Dylla
Deborah Edson
Sara and Morgan Edwards
Alice and Murray Ehrinpreis
Elizabeth and Gary Elling
Kirsten Elling and Serge Vandervoo
Carol and Charles Ellis
Janet and Randy Eshenroder
Christine and Robert Euritt
Julie Evans
Stefan Fajans
Deborah Farmer
Margaret and John Faulkner
Sheila Feld
Mona Field and Martin Goldstein
Sallie Findlay and Gene Nelson
Penelope and Kenneth Fischer
Lois and Terrance Fisher
Margaret Fisher
Peggy and James Fisher
Nancy Fitzsimmons
Susan and Andrew Flint
Lynda Flood
Susan and James Florsheim
Patricia and Robert Forman
Deborah Foster
Dale and Bruse Frankel
Samantha Hand Fratus
Sonya and David Freiband
Jo Freudenheim
Twink Frey and James McKay
Katharine and Daniel Frohardt-Lane
Carol Frost and Clarke Cogsdill
Sumiko Fujikura
Barbara and E. N. Fuller
Deborah Gaines
Tracy Gallup and Douglas Aikenhead
Ann Gawler
Paula Gaylord
Elaine Gazda and James McIntosh
Janice Geddes
Florence and Marvin Gerber
Judith and Neil Gerl
Louise Giles
Marilyn Gillespie
Johanne and David Glass
Joanne Goodwin
L. Lee Gorman and Mark Ritz
Jean and William Gosling
Karen Goulasarian
Suzanne and Urban Gradel
Linda Grant
Anne and Norman Greashaber
Joann and Thomas Green
Marion Guck
Sondra Gunn
Jyoti and Vinay Gupta
Susan and Richard Gutow
Caroline and Roger Hackett
Bonnie and Laurence Hagerty
Ann Zirkel-Hagopian and Edmond Hagopian
Janice Hall
Jeanne Halpern
Connie and Pete Hansen
Olive Hansen
Charlotte Hanson
Lora Hanson
Janice and Randall Harvey
Glenda Haskell and Rick Reichman
Mary Hathaway
Rebecca Held
Diane and Stanley Henderson
Deborah and Norman Herbert
Vicky Hoffman
Patricia Hogan and Mark Moldwin
Elizabeth Holifield
Carol Hollenshead and Bruce Wilson
Elizabeth Hooley
SiRui Huang and Jesse Goldstein
Mary Ellen and Patrick Humpal
Ann Hungerman
Justin Ibershoff
Berit Ingersoll-Dayton
Joan and Everett Ireland
Gretchen and John Jackson
JJ Jacobson
Ruth and Martin Jaffe
Lynn and Dennis Jakubik
Patricia James and David Mantik
Christa and Joachim Janecke
Elizabeth Jolliffe
Sally Joy
Susanne Jul
Robert Kahn
Sona Kalousdian and Ira Lawrence
Sally and Dean Kapp
Susan and Lee Kaufmann
Sara Kellermann and David Follett
Crystal Kelley
Mary Lou Kemme
Evelyn Kennedy
Sally and David Kennedy
Nancy Keppelman and Michael Smerza
Shake Ketefian
Jeanette and Roland Kibler
Constance and Thomas Kinnear
Patricia and Richard Kirschner
Marvin Kirsh
Marilynn and Harvey Klein
Jacquelin Koch
Sarah Sally and John Koepsell
Marlene and John Kondelik
Ann Marie Kotre
Ruth Kraut and Michael Appel
Vicki Kreimeyer
Carol Kuhnke
Danielle and George Kuper
Frances and Campbell Laird
Marilyn Lamping
Alice Landau
Elizabeth LaPorte
Rebecca Lau
Judith and Jerold Lax
Artis and Dick Leabo
Rowe Lee-Mills
Marcia Lefkowitz
Laura Lein and Benjamin Kuipers
Diane Lamanski
Susan and Daniel Lerch
Barbara Levine
Laurene Levknecht
Suzanne and George Leydorf
Carolyn and Paul Lichter
Roslyn and Herman Lieberman
Eleanor Linn and Marc Gerstein
Cathy Loeb and David Griffeath
Margaret and Ronald Lomax
Karen Lombard and David Case
Louise and James Low
Zxy-Yann Lu
Annette Luetzow and Eladio Ortiz
Judy and Lawrence Macklem
Ashley and D. Scott Maentz
Ginger and Stephen Maggio
Laura Magzis
Marilyn Maher
Karen Majewski and Matthew Feazell
Lynn and Herbert Malinoff
Bernadette Malinoski and Erick Erickson
Daisy and Melvin Manis
Maureen Martin and Michael Penskar
Michael Martin
Sally and William Martin
Berna Mason
Donna and Ronald Massie
Catherine and Joseph Masters
Kathleen and Odis Matney
Mary and Chandler Matthews
Susan Matthews
Regent Emerita Olivia Maynard and S. Olof Karlstrom
Maria-Rosa McCabe
Sandra and Douglas McClennen
Catherine McClure
Jillmarie McDonough and Greg Merriman
Regent Emerita Rebecca McGowan
Virginia and Wilbert McKeachie
Marilyn and Max McKinney
Martha and Dady Mehta
Jeanne Miller and Heather Branton
Carol Michaelides
Suzanne Moesser
Deborah Montuori
Alexandra and Roger Moore
Eleanor and Thomas Moore
Melinda Morris
Sheila Most
Kristen Motz
Doreen Murasky and James Emerick
Leslie and Terry Murphy
Kirstie and Douglas Myers
Rebecca Nadel
Lorraine Nadelman
Julie and Louis Nagel
Yunju Nam
Virginia Nelson
Jan and M. Haskell Newman
Sarah Newman
Barbara Niess May
N. Celeste and James Novak
Cheryl Nowak
Deborah and Bruce Oakley
Robert Oliver and Alyson Robbins
Constance and Charles Olson
Patricia J. Olynyk
Elizabeth and Robert Oneal
Susan and Mark Orringer
Thelma Oyer
Colleen Pace
Wendy Palms
Pauline Pan
Nanut Panpreuk
Allison Paris
Pamela and Richard Pasley
Carolyn and Mark Pasqualino
Rita Paye
Judith Pazol
Tracy and Brian Peck
Erica Peresman and David Jaffe
Ann Peterson
Patricia Peyser and Kent Joscelyn
Carol and Lee Pickett
Judith and Charles Picus
Dorothy Platte
Leslie and Richard Platte
Patty Pohlman
Deborah and John Poinier
Alisse Portnoy and Mark Rothstein
Jennifer Poteat and Michael Staebler
Kathy and Regent Emeritus Philip Power
Richard and Mary Price
Susan Quackenbush
G. Robina Quale-Leach
V. Jean Ramsey
Susan Rasmussen
Janet Ray
Stephen Raymond
Agnes and Stephen Reading
Bonnie and James Reece
Judith Refalo
Cheryl Reichert
JoAnne Reid
Crystal Reinoso
Anne and Frederick Remley
Ronald Renfer
Elisha Renne
Lucy Reuben and John Cole
Anne and James Rezich
Sandra Rice
Joy Rider
Theodosia Robertson
Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal
Jean Rowan
Joyce Rowley
Jane Ruehle
Elaine and Jivies Rumman
Swanna and Alan Saltiel
Jennifer and Joseph Salvatore
Bernice Sandler
Norma and Richard Sarns
Dorothy Saxner and Harold Johnson
Cindy Schipani and Robert Van Til
Elizabeth Schlenk
Ann and Thomas Schriber
Sheila and Howard Schuh
Claudia and Anthony Scioly
Margaret Scisney-Matlock and John Matlock
Michelle Segar and Jeffrey Horowitz
Martha Seger
Madeleine Seiler
Debra Chopp and Gil Seinfeld
Harriet Selin
Rena Seltzer
Elvera and David Shappirio
Susan and Patrick Shields
Karen Shill
Jean and Thomas Shope
Edwina Simpson
Alice Simsar
Barbara Sloat
Hilary Smith
Lorraine and Fred Smith
Pamela Smith
Susan Smith
Virginia and Gerald Smith
Elizabeth Snider
Lydia Soo
Eleanora and Andrew Soves
Mary Stadel
Ann and David Staiger
Gloria Stapp
Constance and William Stein
Janice Stephens and Robert Donofrio
Mary Lynn Stevens and Edward Rutherford
Cynthia Stewart and Don Haefner
Jenny Lynn Stewart
Paul Stowell
Barbara Strane
Ruth Strang
Karen and David Stutz
Charlotte Sundelson
Joyce Sweeney
Margaret Talburtt and James Peggs
Gretchen and Robert Tambellini
Denise Thal and David Scobey
Gloria Thomas
Tammie and Robert Tischler
Hitomi Tonomura
Janet Topolsky
Cecilia Trost
Nelly Ullman
Carol and Joseph Valaitis
Suzanne and Carl Van Appledorn
Amanda Van Dusen and Curtis Blessing
Andrea and Douglas Van Houweling
Jean and John Vanlandingham
Nelvia Van't Hul
Rebecca and Charles Vest
Leo Vogel
Marina von Neuman Whitman and Robert Whitman
Kristina Voros
Lori Wallace
Jean and John Waltman
Brenda Washington and Kenneth Washington, Sr. 
Evelyn Weber
Wendy and Lowell Weil
Sidney Knafel and Londa Weisman
Carol and John Welsch
Alida and Ronald Westman
Peggy White
Sarah White
Louise Wideroff
Kathie Wilder
Josephine Wiley
Betsy and Robert Wilson
Rose and Gene Wilson
Susan Wineberg and Lars Bjorn
Charlotte Wolfe
Janice Worth-Nelson
Robin Wright
Susan and Nathan Zill
Betty and Donald Zimmerman
Claire Zuckerman
Anonymous Donors

In Memory:
Phyllis Allen
Lora Beckwith
Elizabeth Dusseau
Beatrice Kahn
Lanette A. Loudermilk

Corporations and Foundations:
Aline Underhill Orten Foundation, Inc.
The E. Bryce & Harriet Alpern Foundation
American Association of University Women
The Ford Foundation
Mediation Training & Consultation Inst. 
Molloy Foundation, Inc.
Olson Funeral & Cremation Services
Rockford Staff Nurse Social Fund
University of Michigan Faculty Women's Club

Matching Companies:
American Express Foundation
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Microsoft Corporation
Pfizer Foundation
Pharmacia Matching Gift
Schneider Electric North America Fdn. 
Walt Disney Company Foundation

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize if your name has been mispelled, omitted or incorrectly listed. Please notify Kristina Bee at 734.764.7271 or kbee@umich.edu so that we may correct our records.