Kennedy Gift Enhances Community Counseling Endowment

Evelyn Kennedy with CEW Director, Gloria Thomas

Evelyn Kennedy graduated from the University of Michigan with an undergraduate degree in zoology and botany in 1949, at a time when few other women did so. "There certainly were no women on the faculty when I was there," she explains.

Afterwards, Kennedy worked at a blood-bank lab on campus - before marrying and moving to Flint. She also became involved with one of the University's alumnae clubs, and from that association first learned about the Center for the Continuing Education of Women (now CEW).

From the beginning, Kennedy explains, she was impressed by the quiet diligence of the Center, "accomplishing a lot with a non-confrontational approach to women's rights." From that time until today, according to Kennedy, she has been committed to supporting women and their issues. "We still need to push. We're not there yet."

In the early 1990s, Kennedy began supporting CEW with annual gifts. During the last "Michigan Difference" Campaign, she wanted to do something special and, over a period of years, contributed $75,000 to the Counseling and Programs Endowment at CEW.

Kennedy is supportive of all CEW's work, and is a big fan of the bi-annual newsletter. She especially likes reading about studies done both here at the Center and elsewhere, on topics that she's not likely to learn about from other sources. "And I like the fact that young students get a chance to help conduct the research. They can't start at the top, so it's a fine way for them to learn."

It was from the Fall, 2011 newsletter that Kennedy learned of CEW's special need for Community Counseling funds. After consulting with her family, she decided to make another gift. Last fall, she contributed $25,000 to CEW's Community Counseling Endowment. She says that it is essential to keep CEW's career and educational counseling open to any community member who needs them, and is especially pleased to support that service through endowment giving "so it will always be there."

We are grateful to Evelyn Kennedy and her family for their belief in, and generous support of, CEW's work.