Women of Color Task Force Members

2016-17 WCTF Membership List

Alexandra Thebaud, Ford School of Public Policy (Associate Member)
Amy Lavi, OUD Talent Management (Associate Member)
Ashleigh Maynor, U-M Alumni Association
Ayanna McConnell, U-M Alumni Association
Barbara Askew, LSA Physics
Brandie Epiken, U-M Medical School (Associate Member)
Briahna Cook, UMH Entrance Services
Carmencita Princen, Grahma Sustainability Institute
Casey Buford, Ross School of Business (Associate Member)
Cathy Conway-Perrin, LSA Student Academic Affairs (Associate Member)
Catricia Thomas, UMHS Comprehensive Cancer Center (Associate Member)
Chanda Doxie, CoE Resource Planning & Mgmt
Charlotte Young Bowens, CoE - Mechanical Engineering (Associate Member)
Cheri Pritchett, UMH Material Services (Associate Member)
Cherie Dotson, College of Pharmacy
Cheryl Mayes, Plant Operations
Crystal Robinson, UMHS Human Resources
Daniella Borum, LSA UG CGIS (Associate Member)
Deborah Bunkley, Resident Housing Dining Services 
Deborah Mitchell, UMHS Office of Health Equity & Inclusion
Deborah Willis, Center for the Education of Women
Delmere Oliver, UMHS Shared Human Resources
Desiree Conyers, UHS Clinic Operations (Associate Member)
Devon Keen, School of Information
Dwana Jones, Ross School of Business (Associate Member)
Ebony Reddock, School of Public Health
Elena Kaltsas, School of Public Health (Assocaite Member)
Ellen Copeland-Brown, UMHS Revenue Cycle
Erica Gehringer, LSA UG: Student Recruitment Scholarships
Faye Portis, Department of Afroamerican & African Studies (Associate Member)
Grace Wu, UM Medical School - Metabolism, Endo & Diabetes
Gwendolyn Brown, College of Engineering
Jacqueline Bowman, Center for the Education of Women
Jacqueline Coats, School of Public Health
Janice Reuben, Center for the Education of Women
Janis Williamson, DSA Health Services
Jasmine Clay, DSA Housing
Jessica Mitchell, U-M Alumni Association (Associate Member)
Johnnie Joplin, UMH Radiology/Pathology (Associate Member)
Joyce French, Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research
Kamilah Davis Wilson, DSA Health Services
Kanda Fletcher, School of Information
Karen Caldwell-Kennedy, UMHS Materiel Services Administration
Katherine Weathers, LSA UG: Student Recruitment Scholarships
Kim Elliott, School of Kinesiology (Associate Member)
Kristina Bee, OUD Business Engagement Center  
Lai Tutt, LSA Economics
Lana Valentine, College of Engineering
LaSonia Forte, U-M Facilities and Operations (Associate Member)
Latreece Taylor, Office of Institutional Equity
Laura King, University Committee on Use and Care of Animals (Associate Member)
Liese Hull, LSA Comprehensive Studies Program
Lorraine Robert, CRLT
Maria Hayes, Ross School of Business (Associate Member)
Marlanna Landeros, U-M Division of Public Safety & Security
Mary Jo Gray, School of Dentistry (Associate Member)
Michelle Woods, School of Social Work (Associate Member)
Nyshourn Price, School of Social Work
Paula Ross, U-M Medical School (Associate Member)
Regina Sims, Rackham School of Graduate Studies
Rosalind Anderson, UMH Pediatric Clinic
Shaquana Burton, UMHS-Human Resources
Shareia Carter, UM Dearborn Women's Resource Center (Associate Member)
Stacy Peterson, School of Social Work
Wendy Woods, Michigan Scholars Program (Associate Member)


Honorary Members:
Belinda Eberhardt, UMHS KMS (retired)
Clara Blakely, UM-Flint Educational Opportunities (retired)
Elizabeth Mimms, School of Education (retired)
Ella Williams, UMHS Entrances Services (retired)
Lynne Shivers, Rackham Graduate School (retired)
Priscilla Rice, School of Education (retired)
Valerie Eaglin, Center for the Education of Women (retired)