Research Funding for Graduate Students

CEW Riecker Graduate Student Research Grants

CEW Riecker Graduate Student Research Grants

​CEW offers Graduate Student Research Grants of up to $1,500 for student-designed, student-conducted academic research on topics related to CEW's mission with a gender focus. These awards are intended for University of Michigan graduate students who are doing degree-required dissertation or thesis research.

Acceptable research topics have a gender focus, in such areas as--

1.     leadership

2.     education and careers

3.     growth and development

4.     health and well-being

5.     political and social status and

6.     similar areas of gender-based interest.

​The CEW Riecker Graduate Student Research grants are not intended to support travel for conference attendance and presentations. Nor are they to support travel and activities that are primarily for experiential learning, service learning, internships, study abroad programs, or similar enrichment programs not specifically tied to degree-required, student-designed research project.

To apply, please submit a packet that contains the following:

  • An approximately two-page proposal that describes the objectives and methods of the planned research project
  • project budget, itemizing all costs and showing how the CEW funds would fit into the budget and how the rest of the costs would be covered
  • A letter of support from a faculty advisor (access the form for the letter here.)
  • A Curriculum Vita
  • Proof of IRB approval for the research project (if relevant for the nature of the research)

CEW is in the process of evaluating the funding available and the grant application process so NO funds will be awarded for Fall 2016.  For Winter 2017 semester funding, the deadline is 12/1/16.

Graduate students will be eligible for a research grant only once during the course of any degree program. Receipt of a grant does not preclude eligibility for other forms of CEW financial support.

Applicants may mail, email or deliver their application packets to:
Dr. Tiffany Marra
Center for the Education of Women

330 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2274


The Menakka and Essel Bailey Graduate Fellowships

In addition, CEW offers the Menakka and Essel Bailey Graduate Fellowship. It supports graduate students’ research conducted in applicable countries abroad.