Gender, Work and Structural Adjustment:
A Selected Annotated Bibliography

Lakshmi Lingam
 Professor, Unit for Women’s Studies
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai India
 February 2005

This annotated bibliography was prepared as a prelude to a review of research on structural adjustment policies and their gender and household impacts; and as an accompaniment to an empirical study undertaken in Mumbai, India. This investigation of research emerging from the African, Asian and Latin American continents was supported by CEW's Visiting Scholar Program. The author hopes that these annotations of important research in the field will spur many researchers to carry out micro studies in many other countries to accumulate evidences to counter neo-liberal policies being pursued world over, which are proving to be anti-women and anti-poor.

Each section is in PDF format and may be downloaded and opened using Acrobat Reader.

Section I – Asian Papers (140 KB)

Section II – African Papers (126 KB) 

Section III – Latin American & Caribbean Papers (170 KB)