Riecker Graduate Student Research Grant Awardees

In 2007, Riecker established the Riecker Graduate Student Research Fund to provide financial assistance to U-M graduate students engaged in student-designed, student-conducted academic research, with a gender focus, on topics related to CEW's mission. This fund has increased CEW's ability to support emerging scholars, enabling them to collaborate with and learn from, experienced researchers.

Congratulations to all who were awarded Riecker Graduate Student Research Grants!

Fall 2016:

H. Yanna Yan, PhD Student, Survey Methodology:  Memory Bookmarking: an Approach to Improve Recall in Time Use Surveys

Angubeen Gul Khan, Graduate Student, Health Behavior & Health Education:  Assessing intimate partner violence and the reproductive health needs of Arab American women in Dearborn, MI, through a culturally and religiously sensitive approach

Sadie Lehmker and Molly Paberzs, Graduate Students, School of Music, Theatre & Dance:  In Performance: the construction of female identities alongside feminist approaches within ensemble improvisation

Sara Abelson, PhD Student, Health Behavior & Health Education:  Mental Health of Transgender College Students from a Diverse National Sample of Colleges and Universities

Jessica Joslin, PhD Student, Women's Studies:  Student Religious Identity Negotiation at the University of Michigan

Jallicia Jolly, PhD Student, African American & Diasporic Studies and American Culture:  Regimes of Care – Understanding HIV/AIDS and Sexual & Reproductive Health in Jamaica

Winter 2017: 

Sarah A. Gutin, PhD in Public Health, Department of Health Behavior and Health Education:   Factors associated with safer conception uptake by women living with HIV in Botswana

Samantha Sherwood, Master of Science in Nursing, School of Nursing, Adult/Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner:  Differences in communication in healthcare creating barriers to the nurse-patient relationship

Jaclyn Efrusy, Masters of Science in Nursing, School of Nursing, Adult/Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner:  The travel abroad experience in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Nancy Singer (Eliza), Primary Care FNP, Masters of Nursing, Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner: Thailand Clinical Immersion

Shantae Johnson, Masters Nursing, Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner:  The beauty of travelling abroad

Katelyn Carey, Master's of Science in Nursing, Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner:  Clinical Field Experience in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Emily Chapin, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Health Behavior and Biological Sciences, Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner: Cooperative Rural Community Nursing in Thailand

Nicole Morgan, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Adult-Gerontology Primary Care, DNP:  Global Stroke Prevention Initiative

Audrie Bedenis, Masters of Science in Nursing, School of Nursing: Thailand Clinical Emersion, November 2017

Angie Baecker, PhD candidate, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, Modern Chinese Literature and Cultural Studies:   Cultures of Work and Cultural Revolution: The Transition from Revolutionary Labor to Professional Reform, 1959-1989

Amelia Couture, PhD candidate, LSA Communication Studies: Conflicting Messages: Visual Processing of Media Messages Containing Empowerment and Objectification Themes

Charity Hoffman, PhD candidate, Social Work & Sociology:   The 21st Century Mother: How New Moms Navigate Work, Family, and the Struggle to Have it All

Kate O'Connor, PhD candidate, LSA, American Culture:   Exploring the Role of Sex in Michigan's Early Eugenic Sterilization Campaign, 1917-1939

Michelle L. Jones, PhD candidate, Sociology:  Transnational LGBTQ Advocacy Network Study in South Korea

Marzia Oceno, PhD candidate, Department of Political Science; American Politics Major:  Divided by Feminist Identity and Social Role: Women’s Support for Female Candidates

Morgan Jerald, PhD candidate, Psychology: A Threat in the Bedroom? The Effect of Jezebel Stereotype Exposure on Black Women’s Sexual Well-Being

Amy Blatt, PhD candidate, Department of Biomedical Engineering; Breast Cancer and Tissue Engineering:  Development of a Novel, Biosynthetic 3D Hydrogel System for Breast Cancer Mechanobiology Studies