Amy Mecozzi Cho

“I have a really strong belief in the power of mentoring, of being a role model."
Amy Mecozzi Cho
Amy Mecozzi Cho

Amy Mecozzi Cho was a 2003 recipient of a Sarah Winans Newman Scholarship for her studies in medicine. In 2007, Amy graduated from the University of Michigan with both her MD and MBA degrees. Amy is now married, the mother of a young son, and practicing emergency medicine at Fairview Ridges Hospital in Burnsville, MN.

Even as a little girl, Amy knew she wanted to be a physician. After her undergraduate studies, however, Amy took the opportunity to work with a .com start-up company in Austin, Texas. This experience, though a departure from her ultimate goal, gave her insights into business practices that would later influence her medical career.

Once into her medical training, Amy discovered that there is a great need to apply business perspectives in such areas as cost containment and operational procedures that impact healthcare. While still in medical school, Amy entered the MBA program at Michigan’s Ross School of Business. As Amy explained:

“I want to take on leadership positions in medicine. I don’t want to be the person who sits and complains that things don’t work right. I want to be in a position to make it better, to effect positive change. Lots can be improved about medicine. Medicine is more than taking care of patients, the science of medicine. There are many operational issues involved in health care. There are public health issues, and the economics of health care. Health care costs are rising much faster than GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This is untenable in the future. We will eventually be forced to make rationing choices in healthcare. But there are opportunities to remove waste in the system, through technology and better business practices. Our current systems don’t “talk” to each other; doctors don’t work together, and there is a need to remove duplication in testing and procedures. Having my MBA brings credibility to my efforts in medical administration.”

Amy is currently serving on several committees working to implement technology used to enable physician communication across specialty areas to improve patient care. In addition, Amy gives her time to assist younger physicians.

“I have a really strong belief in the power of mentoring, of being a role model. There are not a lot of women as mentors in medicine or in the upper levels of medical administration. I’ve worked with medical students and residents in training. I hope this will make each of us better physicians, providing better patient care.”

Amy specifically chose emergency medicine as her specialty, knowing that this area of medicine would allow more flexibility in her roles of wife and mother.

“Emergency medicine is very stressful at times – caring for 8 to 12 patients at once. It definitely calls for multitasking. It’s very high intensity. But, I chose this area because it gives me flexibility, especially important now that I’m a mother. It’s a good field for women; I have set work shifts and can work part time if I want. I’m not on call, and I don’t have a patient practice, so I’m not tied down to one location. It gives me flexibility if we need to move for my husband’s work. I can work anywhere we might live.”