Crystal Kelley

"You are going to land on your feet."
Crystal Kelley
Crystal Kelley

"I almost turned around as I was driving from Dearborn to CEW. I felt so down and out, being a little bit older and having to find another job. I felt lost and intimidated about putting myself out there and having somebody look over my cover letter and resume."

Crystal came to CEW for a Community Counseling appointment. "It was fantastic. It was an exploration of who I am, what I want, and what is important to me. I will always remember my CEW counselor telling me, "'You know what, you are going to be okay. You are going to land on your feet.'"

The counseling appointment led to Crystal attending CEW's Critical Skills Workshop. "When I left CEW, I felt hopeful. I had learned a lot of skills. But above all, I felt confident that I could do it. I understood how my experience could transfer into other organizations."

"The skills I learned in that four-hour workshop allowed me to maximize the time I had with interviewers at a job fair and really make an impression. Later my new employers told me that they had met 430 people that day, and that I was the only one that they asked for a second interview. I really credit the skills that I learned and the confidence I gained at CEW."

"It seems strange to say, but it ended up being a good thing I lost my job. The CEW counselor and workshop really did send me in a good direction. Now my career is going great and I have so much opportunity. Thanks, CEW."

Crystal Kelley, Program Analyst, Federal Agency, Detroit