WOCAP Community Members are accomplishing AMAZING successes!

2015-16 Academic Year

Robin Means Coleman promoted to Professor of Communications

Daphne Watkins promoted to Associate Professor of Social Work & Psychiatry

Sherie Randolph promoted to Associate Professor of DAAS and History

Elizabeth Cole, LSA Associate Dean for Social Sciences

Angela Dillard, LSA Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Rosario Ceballo, Chair, Department of Women's Studies

Robin Means Coleman, Chair, Department of Communications

Stephanie Rowley, Director, Combined Program in Education and Psychology

Naomi Andre, Associate Director for Faculty, Residential College

2013-2014 Academic Year 

Stephanie Rowley: Appointed Chair of the Department of Pschology 

Juanita Merchant: Received Sarah Goddard Powers Award

Maria Johnson: New Position - Assistant Professor, University of Delaware 

Edith Lewis: Professor Emeritus 

Vilma Mesa: Promoted to Associate Professor of Education 

Cleo Caldwell: Promoted to Professor of Health Behavior & Health Education, School of Public Health 

Rosario Ceballo: Promoted to Professor of Pyschology, LS&A

Maria Castro: R.C. Schneider Collegiate Professorship in Neurology

Patrica Coleman-Burns: Coordinator of Nursing Accelerated Second Career Program

Robin Means Coleman: Received UROP Mentor Award

Naomi Andre: Accepted into UM-Wits Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Enesha Cobb: Graduated from Fellowship Program 

Hitomi Tonomura: Director, Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies 

Mingyan Lui: ELected IEEE Fellow, Class of 2014

Ana Paula Pimentel Walker: Article accepted for publication 

Jiao Jiao: Graduated as a Ph.D.

Fantasy Lozada: Received NSF funding for a grant

Jessica Welburn: New Position - Professor, University of Iowa

Dorceta Taylor: Received Carol Hollenshead Award

2012-2013 Academic Year

April 2013: Leslie Hollingsworth (Associate Professor of Social Work) and Letha Chadiha (Professor of Social Work) were awarded the 2013 Harold R. Johnson Diversity Service Award for their dedication to developing cultural and ethnic diversity at U-M.

February 2013: L. Monique Ward (Professor of Psychology) and Martha Jones (Associate Professor of AfroAmerican and African Studies) are named Arthur F. Thurnau Professors for their outstanding contributions to undergraduate education.

February 2013: Mieko Yoshihama (Professor of Social Work), Liz Cole (Professor of Women's Studies and AfroAmerican and African Studies) and Avery Demond (Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering) were awarded the Sarah Goddard Power award for their contribution to the betterment of women.

January 2013: Robin Wilson (Associate Professor of Dance) was awarded the Shirley Verrett Award for her support of female students in the arts who come from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds. 

2011-2012 Academic Year 

April 2012: Stephanie Rowley (Professor of Psychology and Education) and Juanita Merchant (Professor of Internal Medicine) were awarded the 2012 Harold R. Johnson Diversity Service Award for their dedication to developing cultural and ethnic diversity at U-M.

February 2012: Denise Sekaquaptewa (Professor of Psychology) was awarded the 2012 Sarah Goddard Power award, presented annually to individuals who have demonstrated scholarship, leadership and support of women faculty.

November 2011: Glenda Dickerson (Professor of Theatre) is named the inagural Shirley Verrett Award winner.Video of the event is available on the School of Music, Theatre and Dance website until end of Fall 2011.

October  2011: Edie Lewis (Associate Professor of Social Work) receives the "Carol Hollenshead Award for Excellence in Promoting Equity and Social Change."

September 2011: Tiya Miles (Professor in the departments of American Culture, Afro-American and African Studies, History, and Native American Studies) named a MacArthur Fellow and gives an interview with NPR.

2010-2011 Academic Year  

April 2011: Monique Ward (Professor of Psychology) won the 2011 John Dewey Award, given by the LSA executive committee to LSA professors who are committed to “scholarly productivity” as well as the “engagement and care” of students.