WOCAP Events

WOCAP WEEKLY WRITE-INS (September 8, 2017 - April 27, 2018)

Come, join us for the communal experience of writing together without interruptions at the WOCAP Weekly Write-in every Friday from 8:30 am-12:30 pm on the 6th floor of Palmer Commons - Boardroom 5. The space has been reserved for you! 

Write-on! Your Time, Your Space, your WOCAP community!

Contact the WOCAP Coordinator at 734-764-6360 or wocapinfo@umich.edu for additional information.

WOCAP-ADVANCE SUMMER WRITE-INS (May 1, 2017 - September 1, 2017)

WOCAP is partnering with ADVANCE to bring you Write-Ins this summer, 3 days a week! These full day Write-ins are at Palmer Commons on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9am - 5pm.

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Contact the WOCAP Coordinator at 734-764-6360 or wocapinfo@umich.edu for additional information.



This 2 day (overnight) writing retreat provides a communal environment for Women of Color Faculty to engage in productive research writing.
The Summer Writing Retreat is a fantastic opportunity to get writing done in a beautiful setting, amidst your hardworking colleagues! You will also have the opportunity to discuss writing tips, connect with others over meals and short breaks, and receive mutual support and encouragement towards meeting writing goals. 
What people enjoy about our writing retreats...
  • Everything! The atmosphere, the communal support, the sense of purpose and encouragement of fellow faculty writers.
  • Dedicated writing time amidst the company of like-minded colleagues.
  • The opportunity to get work done without interruption.
  • Opportunity to develop a writing plan for the summer and to effectively meet individual writing goals.


Sampling of Past WOCAP Events

  • WOCAP Overnight Writing Retreats (click here to view info about the summer 2016 retreat)
  • Shirley Verrett Tribute and Awards Presentations
  • WOCAP Academic Promotions Celebration
  • WOCAP Fall Welcome Dinners
  • WOCAP Spring Celebration Dinners
  • "Advancing Together"
  • March 2011 Conference with a keynote address by Dr. Nancy Barcelo, President of Northern New Mexico College, and breakout sessions featuring faculty from across the UM campus. Topics of discussion included:
    • Promising Practices for a Diverse Campus
    • Considering Leadership Positions
    • Academia and Community Engagement
    • Promotion from Associate to Full Professor
    • Balancing Work and Personal Life
    • Mentoring for Junior and Mid-Career Faculty

Sampling of Past WOCAP Projects

Professionals of Color Connect

A networking event in the summer of 2010 for area professionals, featuring the performances of 3 UM faculty members: renowned jazz pianist Geri Allen, bassist Robert Hurst, and dancer Robin Wilson.

“State of Women of Color at the University of Michigan Address” 
Held in the Winter of 2008, the purpose of this panel of speakers was to spark dialogue within the university community about the state of recruitment, retention, and promotion of women of color faculty across ranks, departments, and units. We hoped to develop interventions that will lead to the successful recruitment and retention of women of color, as well as improve classroom environments, departmental climates, and service contributions.

Through My Lens Video Project

The video project "Through My Lens"  was completed in the fall of 1999. The video was produced to capture the experiences of women of color faculty at U-M as a part of a broad undertaking to create a dialogue that would lead to promoting reform in the recruitment, retention, and overall satisfaction of women of color faculty in academe.

The 27-minute presentation captures salient commentary by women of color faculty on such pertinent themes as: campus climate, isolation/lack of community, balance issues between career and family, and recruitment/retention issues.