Workshop Descriptions

2017 WCTF Conference Workshop Sessions

Session A: 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.






Power, Perception & Prejudice

Presenter:  Jane Elliott, Keynote Speaker

This experiential learning session will help attendees recognize, identify, and appreciate the differences through which power is assigned, and the ways in which we develop perceptions and prejudices. [Core Competency: Development of Self & Others]

MLB- 1200


Conflict Management

Presenter: Mark Saine, MA, MS, TIAA

This workshop will concentrate on building the skills needed for effective communication with colleagues.  The session will include: understanding the nature of conversations; managing emotions; understanding intent; developing a non-defensive approach to solve interpersonal and organizational challenges; and managing up (your supervisor).

[Core Competency: Communication Skills]

ML- Koessler


Exploring Hidden Biases: Steps to Achieving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace
Presenter: Patricia Coleman-Burns, PhD, School of Nursing

The 2016 presidential election has raised various unconscious beliefs and attitudes. This workshop asks participants to explore the role of "hidden" biases in the workplace, and to find constructive ways to engage in professional relationships in order to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion.  

[Core Competency: Creative Problem Solving/ Strategic Thinking]

MLB- 1220 


Seven Things Great Leaders Do: Leveraging Strengths-Based Practices

Presenter: Kristen Storey, MA, UHR-LPD

Learn what great leaders do differently to increase overall engagement, productivity and morale, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Most importantly, learn practical and powerful strategies that, no matter the circumstances, will allow you to maintain power and influence.

[Core Competency: Leadership /Achievement Orientation]

MLB- 1400 


Unlocking the Secrets of an Effective Leader

Presenter: Tonya C. Bailey, MS, TCB Consulting

This high-energy, interactive seminar will use humor, exercises, and case studies to reveal four leadership secrets that will significantly improve how you operate as a leader. [Core Competency: Leadership /Achievement Orientation]

 MLB- 1420



Career Paths at U-M: How to Maximize Your Use of the Career Path Navigator
Presenter: W. Jean Tennyson, BS, UHR 

Learn to effectively use the Career Path Navigator to identify potential next steps in your U-M career.  From career families, career bands and classification/job titles, discover the required minimums, as well as overall transferable skills needed to take you to the next level. [Core Competency: Development of Self & Others]

ML- Room D


Designing a Contemporary Resume
Presenter: Samara L. Hough, LLMSW, CEW

In this workshop, you will complete a career assessment to help you identify areas on your resume to enhance in order to be competitive in today's job market. You will also learn the critical elements necessary to build an effective and engaging resume. [Core Competency: Communication Skills]

MLB- 2114



Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for Your Ideal Retirement   

Presenter: Theresa Serafimovski, JD, TIAA
No matter your age, or where you are in your career, your retirement begins when you start saving for it. Join TIAA for an interactive exploration of retirement saving and learn how to create an effective plan to help maximize your retirement potential. [Core Competency: Development of Self & Others]

ML- Henderson


Will or Trust: What Do I Need?
Presenter: Terrence G. Quinn, JD, The TGQ Law Firm

This upbeat and interactive workshop will provide participants with answers to common legal questions and everyday concerns involving assets, incapacity, long-term care, Probate Court, and death.

[Core Competency: Development of Self & Others]




Wellness You Can Work With!
Presenter: Colleen Greene, MS, MHealthy Wellness Coordinator Senior

What are the real definitions of physical activity and stress management? How are physical activity and stress management related? How can a few minutes throughout the day help us manage stress better, and become healthier? For wellness you can work with, come to this seminar and get motivated!  [Core Competency: Development of Self & Others]

MLB- 2011


Turning Madness to Mission: Meaningful Living in a Digital World
Presenter: Tonya V. Thomas, BS, Oakland Community College

This interactive workshop will help participants use 21st-century tools and resources to find their purpose, keep personal goals in focus, maintain sanity, and keep the compass pointed towards success.

[Core Competency: Development of Self & Others]

MLB- B116


Intro to Aerobic Line Dance Hustle

Presenter: Sherry Hawkins, Dance with Elegance

A healthy body supports a healthy mind! Learn the basic steps you need to get your body moving to the beat in this introduction to urban hustle dances. Then join the instructors and other conference attendees at the end of class to strut your stuff.  

 North Quad- Room 2435

Session B: 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.






Activism, Engagement & Leadership

Presenter: Roland S. Martin, Keynote Speaker

Interested in social justice and activism? Feel strongly about a cause but not sure how to make a difference? This workshop will identify ways to become more engaged in your community and to take on leadership positions. (Cap: 300) [Core Competency: Leadership /Achievement Orientation]

MLB- 1200


Creating Your Legacy: It's Never Too Early

Presenter: Deborah Orlowski, PhD, UHR-LPD

What makes a person valuable in an organization? How do you create a reputation as someone who is trusted and called upon when it counts? In this session you will learn how to further your career success today by paying attention to how you want to be remembered tomorrow.

[Core Competency: Leadership /Achievement Orientation]

ML- Koessler


Leadership Presence:
How to Build and Promote Your Leadership Brand

Presenter: Jocelyn Giangrande, SASHE
For leaders, presence is everything. Appearance, communication style and interactions with others impacts how we're perceived. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to enhance their leadership presence and build a brand strategy to increase leadership performance, reputation and career success. [Core Competency: Development of Self and Others]

MLB- 1420


Identifying Values and Recognizing Frustrations
Presenter: Jennifer Evans, MEd, Ross School of Business  

Through this thought provoking workshop you will identify your values and recognize what might be leading you to frustration with colleagues. Gain insight into your natural way of contributing, and experience an appreciation for the contributions and differences of others. This session will incorporate the Competing Values Framework toolkit.

[Core Competency: Leadership /Achievement Orientation]

 MLB- 2114


Assessing Implicit and Explicit Biases – Toolkit

Presenter: Catalina Ormsby, MPA, UROP

The goal of this workshop is to increase the capacity of participants to self-reflect and identify implicit and explicit biases. The activities are designed to provide techniques for participants to engage in multicultural settings, cultivate meaningful reflection and encourage interaction across participants.[Core Competency: Building Relationships/Interpersonal Skills]

 ML- Room D




Helping Student Parents & Other Nontraditional Students Succeed

Presenters: Jacqueline Bowman, PhD, CEW; Beth Sullivan, MPH, CEW; & Amy Szczepanski, BS, WLRC

As the percentage of college students with children and other nontraditional students increases, staff and faculty will need to know how best to serve this diverse population. Workshop panelists will highlight the special challenges facing nontraditional students and share information about University policies, resources and community supports can assist in retaining nontraditional students and helping them thrive!

[Core Competency: Quality Service]

 ML- Henderson



Pursuing Passions: Enhance Employee Morale and Expand your Network  
Presenter: Leslie McGraw, BS, Les Go Social Media Marketing & Training

Learn to find and maintain positive personal and professional connections that will enhance your life and support your goals; discover how pursuing your passions and ambitions can expand your network and resources; and learn to utilize physical and online social networking tools to help build lasting connections.  [Core Competency: Building Relationships/ Interpersonal Skills]



Utilizing Emotional Intelligence Components: Develop Self
Presenters: Ann Chow, PhD, UMHS Revenue Cycle

Learn Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) components as defined by Dr. Daniel Goleman.Topics include “Develop Self,” EQ components, EQ quick self-assessment, and the Johari Window. At the end of this session, participants will be able to create an individual, ongoing self-improvement plan.  [Core Competency: Leadership & Achievement]

MLB- 1400


Organize U! Organization, Engagement & Productivity

Presenter: Beverly A. Rogers, Organizing To Be Effective

Staying organized in the workplace is the focus of the workshop. This interactive session will teach participants creative strategies and techniques to clear clutter; effectively manage paper files; leverage technology and online apps; and efficiently store information.  [Core Competency: Development of Self & Others]

 MLB- 1220





35th Anniversary Celebration

Meet & Greet with Jane Elliott & Roland S. Martin (Vandenberg)

Cake & Punch with Dancing (Ballroom)

Reflection & Networking  (Hussey)


Michigan League Ballroom



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All U-M staff, faculty, students and the public, regardless of gender or ethnicity, are invited to attend this inclusive professional development event.

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