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Workshops Session A, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Leadership Development

A1. Social Justice & Leadership: Women of Color at the Front (MLB 1400)
Presenter: Patricia Coleman-Burns, PhD, School of Nursing
What are the lessons to be learned from the historic and contemporary courage, boldness and leadership of women of color? What is our current role at U-M? How do we reclaim our time? And, finally, “Where Do We Go From Here”?

A2. Showing Up at Work (League, Henderson Room)
Presenter: Mark Saine, MA, MS, TIAA
The manner in which we show up at work affects our entire life and the lives of those around us. In a demanding world, it is now more important than ever to consider and manage how we show up at work. During this session, we will explore the impact we make and consider 5 ingredients necessary to thrive at work.

A3. Addressing Workplace Harassment: Leadership Responsibility & Strategies (MLB 1420)
Presenter: Veretta Nix, MA, Total Talents, LLC
Sexual harassment is an important issue in the news, yet all forms of workplace harassment harm individuals, teams, and organizations. Sound policy and working with HR are essential - now let’s talk about the rest.

Career Development

A4. Career Conversations that Matter (MLB 2011)
Presenter: Kristen Storey, MA, UHR Learning & Professional Development
Ongoing career conversations are drivers for increasing employee engagement and retention. Learn the best practices in career development and management, and the importance and impact of a leader’s role in helping others through dialogue, self-discovery and planning. Acquire research-based strategies and tools to facilitate more productive conversations and career planning.

A5. Returning to School: Support Networks & Standardized Test Prep (League, Room D)
Presenters: Jacqueline Bowman, PhD, CEW and Jayne Reuben, PhD, TAMU College of Dentistry
Thinking about returning to school but wondering how to make it happen? Learn about strategies on how to make the best decision and how to prepare for standardized tests.

A6. Diversity and Recruitment Resources for Hiring Managers and Job Applicants (MLB 2402)
Presenter: Jean Tennyson, University Human Resources
This session will present an overview of the U-M’s diversity in recruitment and hiring strategies including why it is important, and what applicants and hiring supervisors/managers need to know.

A7. You've Got Talent! Tap Into It! (MLB 1220)
Presenter: Tina Pryor, BBA, MSHRM, Continuum Global Consulting, LLC
You've got talent! Shift your mindset and leverage your special skills whether you are hired, tired, fired, or retired. Explore several frameworks for achieving success in the workplace via The Human Impact Advantage Model. Learn, explore, assess, and discuss strategies to maximize your impact and career success.

Financial Education

A8. Inside Money: Managing Income and Debt (League, Koessler Room)
Presenter: Shar Banks, MBA, ChFC®, CFP®, TIAA
It’s your budget—take control. Everyone talks about a budget, but how many of us actually make one? Most people have some debt, but how many understand its effects on their lives and their futures? Let us show you the real impact of budgeting and debt—and how to help make your money work for you.

Work-Life Balance

A9. How to Achieve Health & Well-Being In Your Life (MLB 2212)
Presenter: Colleen Greene, MS, MHealthy
Do you know about the different areas of well-being? Do you know how they dovetail? Would you like to work on your wellness, while learning specific tips and techniques on wellness in the workplace, physical activity, stress management and gratitude? Then this seminar is for you, because achieving health and well-being is easier than you think!

A10. Identifying Personal Values Through Clarity and Self-Reflection (MLB 2114)
Presenter: Marv Fox Jr., MS, Trotter Multicultural Center
Clarity is the key to transformation and fulfillment. Clarity is achieved through a combination of quiet-time and peace of mind. Through reflection and internal/external dialogue, this interactive workshop will help attendees work towards clarity for spiritual, mental, and physical growth in all areas of life.

A11. PERSIST! 2018 A Personal Performance Master Class for High-Achieving Women (MLB 1200)
Presenters: LaTanya Orr, MBA, Selah Branding; and Raquel R. Robinson, MA, Med, Making a Change LLC Coaching and Consulting
Are you tired of watching others excel while your dreams get deferred? Are you struggling to realize your vision and you've hit a roadblock? No matter where you are in your process, this master class is for women looking to sharpen their focus and improve their personal performance. This workshop is designed to help women shift their perspective from feeling overwhelmed to being open to receive opportunities.

A12. Line Dance Your Way to A Healthier Body (NQ 2435)
Presenters: Sherry Hawkins and Toiya Adams-Yharabrough, Dance with Elegance Health & Fitness Studio
Dance your way to better health and less stress! Participants will learn the basic steps to contemporary line dance hustles.

A13. Political Engagement by U-M Employees (MLB 2412)
Presenter: Maya Kobersy, JD, U-M Office of the Vice President & General Counsel
Given the current political climate and impending state and local elections, employees have increasingly asked what they may or may not do in the areas of political activism and advocacy. The U-M has several policies (both in the form of SPGs and in the form of political campaign guidelines) that outline the responsibilities, and opportunities, of University employees in this context. This session, conducted by the U-M Office of General Counsel, will provide an overview of these policies for those persons affiliated with the U-M.

Workshops Session B, 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Leadership Development

B1. The New U-M Organizational Development Leadership Model (League, Koessler Room)
Presenters: Peggy Sheagren, Organizational Learning, Program Director of Leadership and DEI Development and Jane Pettit, Sr. Program Manager of Leadership Development
The University of Michigan has a new Leadership Expectations model to guide all leadership development efforts. This is a quick introduction to the model and how to best use it when constructing a professional development plan. The Leadership Expectation Model is a framework which can be adapted for the unique needs of any unit, department or school depending on current goals and initiatives.

B2. The Nine "Secrets" of High-Performance Leadership (MLB 1200)
Presenter: Tonya C. Bailey, MS, PhD, TCB Consulting LLC
This high-energy, interactive seminar will use humor, exercises, and case studies to reveal nine leadership principles that will significantly improve how you operate as a leader on daily basis.

B3. Discovering Your True Self (League, Henderson Room)
Presenter: Deborah Orlowski, PhD, UHR Learning & Professional Development
Effective people know who they are, what's important to them, and the power of connecting through stories. In this session, you will explore your "big" questions and use your answers to help you, and others, see the real you.

Career Development

B4. Fake News, Lies, and Propaganda: Sorting Fact from Fiction (League, Room D)
Presenter: Jo Angela Oehrli, MSI, University Library
What questions should we ask ourselves as we watch or read the news? This interactive workshop will help you develop the critical thinking skills and practical strategies needed to evaluate the news and other media content.

B5. Designing Your Future - Don't Leave it to Chance (MLB 1400)
Presenter: Ron Sober, UHR Learning & Professional Development
You need to play an active role in moving your career forward to achieve your goals. Understanding what you want to do and developing an action plan are the two major keys to career success. In this session, you will learn some of the steps to help you design the future you want.

Financial Education

B6. Wills, Trusts, Health Care, and Medicaid: What Do I Do? (MLB 1420)
Presenter: Terrence G. Quinn, JD, The TGQ Law Firm
This workshop uses an upbeat and interactive approach to dispel myths and answer common questions about wills, trusts and Medicaid/long term care. Real issues. Real answers. Real talk!

Work-Life Balance

B7. Managing Emotions and Stress in the Workplace (MLB 1220)
Presenter: Samara Hough, LMSW-Clinical, CEW
Stress in the workplace is a common concern. According to the American Psychological Association, over half of Americans note stress as a concern related to the future of our nation, the economy, and work. This workshop will examine origins of stress in workplace and how to manage them.

B8. Contemporary Ballroom Basics for a Fitter Body (NQ 2435)
Presenters: Sherry Hawkins and Toiya Adams-Yharabrough
Dance your way to better health and less stress! Participants will learn a variety of contemporary line dance hustles and very basic ballroom footwork.

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All U-M staff, faculty, students and the public, regardless of gender or ethnicity, are invited to attend this inclusive professional development event.

For additional information or inquiries regarding the annual WCTF career conference, please contact Janice Reuben at 734-764-6331, or the CEW office at 734-764-6005, or via email at If you need accommodations, please contact Janice Reuben at 734-764-6005 by February 23, 2018. 

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