CEW+ Irma M. Wyman Student Grant Program

CEW+ seeks opportunities to partner with U-M recognized undergraduate and graduate student organizations

CEW+’s Irma M. Wyman grant program provides financial support to recognized student organizations planning programs, activities, and training to assist in removing obstacles for women contemplating or pursuing careers in engineering, computer science, or the hard sciences. The Irma M. Wyman grant program is aligned with CEW+’s DEI plan and overarching mission of empowering women and underserved individuals in the University of Michigan and surrounding communities by serving as an advocate and providing resources to help them reach their potential. The Irma M. Wyman grant program is open to all registered student organizations working towards this mission.

Organizations can receive a maximum of $500 in grant funding per semester with a cap of $1,000 in grant funding per academic year.

CEW+ Irma M. Wyman Student Grant Program:
Application Preparation Packet


Irma M. Wyman was a 1949 graduate of the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan, one of two women in her class. She became involved with the computer industry in its early stages and rose to become the first female vice president at Honeywell, Inc., then a Fortune 100 company. After retirement from the corporate world, she served 10 years as Archdeacon of the Diocese of Minnesota. Having benefited during her education from both the financial and psychological support of a Regents Scholarship, she established the Irma M. Wyman Scholarship in 1996 to provide a similar boost to others. Through a bequest to CEW+, Irma also created an endowment for a student program fund in addition to her scholarship. This student organization grant program is funded by Irma’s bequest. CEW+ celebrates the life of Irma Wyman, who died in November 2015 at the age of 87.


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