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Hardcopy Publications

By Year


Women and Marginalized Communities in STEM at the University of Michigan Focus Group Report by Varna Kodoth, B.S., Research Assistant, CEW+. This Women and Marginalized Communities in STEM Focus Group Report discusses the current state of the nontraditional student learning experience in STEM classrooms and department environments at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at U-M. Most importantly, this report offers recommendations and immediate action steps for Staff & Faculty to better support and include underrepresented identities in STEM environments. The results demonstrate that Undergraduate and Graduate student social identities are crucial to academic success in STEM spaces.


Just Love: Feminism, Faith and Intimate Violence by Debotri Dhar, University of Michigan and CEW Visiting Scholar 2015-16 and 2016-17. Based on her research on rape and suicide in India, Dhar explores the troubled shades of love, when it is played out as seduction, deception, and violence. She examines how religion has been used to control women’s bodies and frame the raped female body as unchaste and shamed. Given that the global ubiquity of patriarchy and violence transcends the left-right and religious-secular theoretical divides, she suggests alternative theoretical and cultural, literary and lived conceptions of justice: just faith, just law, just love.


Equity Issues for Women in Higher Education: The Emergent Complexities of Social Identities, Pay Inequities and the Power of Women’s Groups, Penny Pasque, CEW Visiting Scholar 2013-14.


Strength and Respectability: Black Women’s Negotiation of Racialized Gender Ideals and the Role of Daughter–Father Relationships by Maria S. Johnson Gender & Society 2013;27 889-912.  Dr. Johnson is the CEW Post-Doctoral Scholar 2012-2014.

“The Girl Effect”:  A Critical Literature Review of Girls’ Education in Tanzania, Erin Kenny, CEW Visiting Scholar 2013


Use of Modified Duties and Tenure Clock Stop Policies by Faculty at the University of Michigan: A Comparison of 1996 and 2010 Faculty Work-Life Study Data March 2012

“Factors Contributing to Job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction among Non-Tenure-Track Faculty” By Jean Waltman, Inger Bergom, Carol Hollenshead, Jeanne Miller, and Louise August. The Journal of Higher Education, May/June 2012 83:3.  Available via Project Muse

Success for Nontraditional Students at Elite Institution On Campus with Women v.40, no 3. By Gloria D. Thomas and Carol Hollenshead


Non-Tenure-Track Pathways: Inclusive Leadership for Instructional Faculty On Campus with Women v.39, no. 2 By Carol Hollenshead.


Feminist Activism and Women’s Rights Mobilization in the Chilean Círculo de Estudios de la Mujer: Beyond Maternalist Mobilization, Jadwiga Pieper Mooney, University of Arizona and CEW Visting Scholar, 2008.

“Satisfaction and Discontent: Voices of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty,” By Inger Bergom and Jean Waltman. In On Campus With Women, vol 37, #3, 2009.


Women of Color Faculty at the University of Michigan: Recruitment, Retention, and Campus Climate. Aimee Cox, PhD, Research Investigator Center for the Education of Women, CEW Jean Campbell Research Scholar

Choosing Another Path: Medical Faculty Leaving the Tenure-Track. Jean Waltman and Louise August

Family-Friendly Policies in Higher Education: A 5-Year Report

Developing a Transparent Tenure Process (Resources for Deans and Chairs)

Enabling Junior Faculty Success (Resources for Deans and Chairs)


The Gender Impact of the Proposed Michigan Civil Rights Initiative. Susan Kaufmann

Post-Apartheid South Africa: Creating Critically Leaderful Schools that Make a Difference. Juliet Perumal, University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) and CEW Visting Scholar, 2007.

How American Men’s Participation in Housework and Child-care Affects Wives’ Careers. Renge Jibu, CEW Visiting Scholar

Making the Best of Both Worlds: Findings from a National Institution-Level Survey on Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Michigan Women and the High-Tech Knowledge Economy. Susan Kaufmann

Principles for Best Practices: A Collection of Suggested Procedures for Improving Climate for Women Faculty Members. Jean Waltman and Carol Hollenshead


Attrition Among Female Tenure-Track Faculty, paper presented at AIR, May 18, 2006, Louise August

A Commitment to Volunteerism: Volunteer Activities among CEW Scholarship Recipients Compared to the National Profile. Louise August, Carol Hollenshead, and Sally Schmall

Designing and Implementing Family-Friendly Policies in Higher Education. Gilia Smith and Jean Waltman

The Gender Impact of the Proposed Michigan Civil Rights Initiative: Research Brief. Susan Kaufmann

Informe de la Investigación: Impacto potencial de la Iniciativa de Derechos Civiles de Michigan en las mujeres

The Intersection of Gender, Race and Culture as Influencers on African American Women’s Financial Fitness, Asset Accumulation, and Wealth Attainment. Connie E. Evans, CEW Twink Frey Visiting Social Activist, 2006.

It Isn’t Over: The Continuing Under-Representation of Female Faculty, paper presented at AIR, May 18, 2006, Louise August.

Non Tenure Track Faculty: The Landscape at U.S. Institutions of Higher Education: The Executive Summary

Non Tenure Track Faculty: The Landscape at U.S. Institutions of Higher Education: Full Report Includes the Executive Summary as well as tables and charts reporting analyses of the survey data.

Potential Impact of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative on Employment, Education and Contracting. Susan Kaufman

El Impacto Potencial de la Iniciativa de Derechos Civiles de Michigan en el Empleo, Educación y Contratación

Potential Impact of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative on Employment, Education and Contracting: Report Summary. Susan Kaufmann

Potential Impact of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative on Employment, Education and Contracting: Research Brief. Susan Kaufmann

Informe de la Investigación: El Potencial Impacto de la Iniciativa de derechos Civiles de Michigan en el empleo, educación y contratos


Family-Friendly Policies in Higher Education: Where Do We Stand?

Gender, Work and Structural Adjustment: A Selected Annotated Bibliography in three sections – Section I, Section II, Section III. Lakshmi Lingam, CEW Visiting Scholar

Staying in School After Welfare Reform: How Beyond Welfare, Inc. Supports Student Mothers in Higher Education. Leslie Rebecca Bloom, CEW Visiting Scholar

Structural Adjustment, Gender and Household Survival Strategies: Review of Evidences and Concerns by Lakshmi Lingam, CEW Visiting Scholar

Tenure Clock, Modified Duties, and Sick Leave Policies: Creating ‘A Network of Support and Understanding’ for University of Michigan Faculty Women During Pregnancy and Childbirth, Jean Waltman and Louise August

“Gender, Family, and Flexibility in Academia” Jeanne E. Miller and Carol Hollenshead in Change November/December 2005, pp.58-62


“Developing and Implementing Work – Family Policies for Faculty”, Beth Sullivan, Carol Hollenshead and Gilia Smith in Academe: Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors. November-December 2004.


The 2003 Michigan Women’s Leadership Index: Executive Summary, produced jointly by CEW and the Detroit Women’s Economic Club.

Women at the University of Michigan: A Statistical Report on the Status of Women Students, Staff and Faculty on the Ann Arbor Campus, compiled by staff from CEW, Human Resource Records and Information Services, and the Office of Budget and Planning. (Replaced by 2010 Report)


Access and Barriers to Post-Secondary Education Under Michigan’s Welfare to Work Policies — Policy Background and Recipients’ Experiences. Coalition for Independence Through Education

Sexing the Single Girl. Deborah Siegel, CEW Visiting Scholar

“Work/family policies in higher education: Survey data and case studies of policy implementation” by Carol S. Hollenshead, Beth Sullivan, Gilia C. Smith, Louise August, and Susan Hamilton is a chapter of The Challenge of Balancing Faculty Careers and Family Work, New Directions in Higher Education no. 130, 2005, 41-65.


Advocacy, Research, and Service for Women: The Pioneering Origins of the Center for the Education of Women at the University of Michigan. Linda Eisenmann, CEW Visiting Scholar


Struggling to Stay in School: Obstacles to Post-Secondary Education under the Welfare-to-Work Regime in Michigan. Valerie Polakow and Peggy Kahn, CEW Visiting Scholars

Women and Higher Education 2000: Michigan: a “Smart State” for Women? Susan Kaufmann, Sally Sharp, Jeanne E. Miller, and Jean Waltman

Women and the MBA: Gateway to Opportunity­ (Findings) A joint report from CEW, Catalyst, and the University of Michigan Business School 
Women and the MBA. The full report is available through Catalyst

Before 2000

Former Women Faculty: Reasons for Leaving One Research University. Stacy A. Wenzel and Carol Hollenshead 1998

The Michigan Faculty Work-Life Study 1999. – Executive SummaryComplete Report

Time and Money: Women Workers, Unions, and the Political Economy. Peggy Kahn 1998

A Survey of the Graduate Experience: Sources of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction Among Graduate Students at the University of Michigan. Jean Manis, Susan Frazier-Kouassi, Carol Hollenshead, David Burkham. 1993.