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• While overall, women represent a majority of those enrolled in Michigan higher education programs, low income women often do not complete those degrees due to work and family conflicts.

• Almost 10% of Michigan women are unemployed. Many more are underemployed.

• Most Michigan women living in poverty have jobs that offer no paid sick days or protection from dismissal when taking time off to care for sick children.

The challenges Michigan women and their families face when trying to become self-sufficient are as multifaceted as they are seemingly insurmountable.  Advancing economic security among Michigan low-income women requires comprehensive policies that are data-driven, community-rooted and responsive to women's barriers and assets.   Funded by the Ford Foundation, the Michigan Partners Project began facilitating discussions in 2013 between key stakeholders working to increase women’s economic security.  Through these meetings, a diverse network of Michigan academic and community partners developed.  

Coalition members work to increase access to:

  • Earned paid sick days
  • College education
  • Affordable, quality child care
  • Safety net programs for which women and families are eligible

Between now and the end of this grant-funded initiative in June 2016, MPP will focus on publicizing these key issues through it's MPP Spokeswomen Project.  It will also conduct an assessment of advocacy training needs in Michigan organizations that work on these issues and sponsor training opportunities based on expressed need.

  MPP Spokeswomen:

The Michigan Partners Project believes that the most powerful agents for women's economic security are women who have stories speaking to the intersection of lived experience and policy. MPP supports three spokeswomen who advocate through powerful and engaging narratives. Any of these women are available to speak to a variety of audiences at no cost to event planners.

To learn about these women and how you can
host one at your next event,
go here.

                                                                                                                                                   MPP Spokeswoman Kindra Speech addresses Lansing rally on
                                                                                                                                                                 Equal Pay Day, surrounded by state legislators

  MPP Partners: 

Nearly fifty different organizations across Southeastern Michigan have partnered with or support MPP in our activities and educational work. To view a list of our advisors, partners and supporters, visit the MPP Partners page.


MPP resources include policy briefs, reports, fact sheets and webinars.  To review what's available, visit our Resources page.

If you have specific questions regarding the Michigan Partners Project, please contact Beth Sullivan, MPP Coordinator, at michiganpartnersproject@umich.edu for more information.