Gifts to CEW+ ignite hope, inspire self-confidence, and change lives.

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If you have questions or would like more information about giving to CEW+, please contact Alicia Marting at amarting@umich.edu or call (734) 764-7258.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, CEW+ is able to provide valuable education and career counseling services, critical emergency funding, pivotal scholarships, and thoughtful programming.

CEW+ has inspired the institution to flex to the changing demographics and needs of students, staff, and faculty since it was founded in 1964, first challenging why students returning to school were ineligible for scholarships and today building services and programs to enhance support for nontraditional, underrepresented students knowing that “rising tides lift all boats.” Core to CEW+ are education and career counseling and financial support through scholarships, fellowships, and emergency grants. 

CEW+ needs partners willing to help ensure that our services continue without disruption. To read more about the impact of CEW+ read the stories of those we serve.

How to Give

1. Choose a Fund to Support

CEW+ offers several funds that provide support for students. To view some of these funds, along with their descriptions, please visit our giving page. If you do not see a fund listed that you would like to give to, call Alicia Marting at 734-764-7258 or Shay Vaughn ’16 at 734-764-7271 for assistance.

If you would like to explore opportunities for creating a named fund, please contact Alicia Marting at 734-764-7258.

Planned gifts often provide immediate tax deductions and capital gains savings or a stream of income for donors. If you would like to leave a lasting legacy by providing a bequest or other planned gift, please contact Alicia at amarting@umich.edu or 734-764-7258.

2. Choose a Method for Making Your Gift


Use our simple and secure online form to make a gift right now using your credit card.


Please enclose a response form along with your check, made payable to the Regents of the University of Michigan. In the memo line, write in the name of the fund that you would like to support. Your response form and check should be mailed to:

Attn. Alicia Marting
330 E. Liberty
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2274


Make a monthly gift from your checking account through this electronic funds transfer option. To initiate Michigan Gift Link, please complete this authorization form and mail it with a voided check to:

Office of Gift Administration
The University of Michigan
3003 S. State Street, Suite 8000
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1288

If you are interested in a cash/wire transfer, a gift of securities, or a gift through payroll deduction, please contact Alicia Marting at amarting@umich.edu or 734-764-7258. 

3. Does Your Company Match Gifts?

You can increase your gift to CEW+ by making use of your company’s matching gift program. If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift. We will do the rest. The impact of your gift to CEW+ may be doubled or possibly tripled! Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Not sure if your company has a matching gift policy? Use U-M’s employer search tool.

Gifts to CEW+ support students, advance advocacy work across the University and help individuals reach their career and educational goals. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Areas to Support

CEW+ Annual Gift Fund – 310560
The annual fund is the most flexible way to support the work of CEW+ as it advances all aspects of CEW+, prioritized according to each year’s needs and opportunities.  Given the changes to our world during this pandemic, the annual fund will allow our director to focus resources on keeping our critical services open and available to our students, staff, faculty, and community members.  

Potential Made Possible Scholarship Fund – 336078
In honor of the 50th anniversary of awarding scholarships, donors to CEW+ started the Potential Made Possible scholarship fund to celebrate the legacy of our community. Scholarships will be even more critical for the 2020-21 academic year as families and individuals struggle to meet the challenges of funding their education during these economically challenging times.

CEW+ Advocacy & Policy Fund – 309100
Through a variety of initiatives, task forces, groups, and organizations, we lift up and make space for diverse voices at U-M and beyond.

Community Counseling – 318234
Gifts to the community counseling program allow CEW+ to offer education and career counseling to all members of the community, free of charge. During these unprecedented times, counseling participants come to CEW+ seeking support as they prepare to return to school, start a job search, or navigate complicated life changes. In addition to helping participants access valuable resources and achieve their goals, CEW+ counselors validate participants’ experiences. As one counseling participant described: “I felt very relaxed and comfortable talking with the counselor because she made me feel that my voice is important.”

CEW+ Scholarship Program – 309097
Gifts to the CEW+ Scholarship Program support returning students and student caregivers at the University of Michigan. CEW+ scholarships and fellowships — averaging $6,600 per student — often provide the financial assistance and encouragement that these students need to complete their degrees. Furthermore, receiving a CEW+ scholarship means joining a vibrant and inspiring community of scholars, and during these challenging times our Scholars need community even more. In the words of one graduated scholarship recipient: “My scholarship was the wind in my sails. And it still is when I need it. CEW+ is a real community, and it stays with you.”

CEW+ Emergency Funds – 366859
Open to U-M graduate & undergraduate students, international or domestic, regardless of school or college affiliation. CEW+ provides career & education counseling and financial support to students with emergencies that threaten to derail progress to degree

Women of Color in the Academy Project (WOCAP) Gifts – 328137
Gifts to this fund support WOCAP, a campus-wide faculty network at U-M, committed to highlighting the work of women of color scholars, promoting their development, creating a supportive and inclusive community, and advocating for institutional change.

Women of Color Task Force (WCTF) – 319494
Gifts to this fund support WCTF, a U-M staff organization that provides professional development, networking, and training opportunities for employees, with a focus on addressing the needs of women of color staff.

If you have questions or would like more information about giving to CEW+, please contact Alicia Marting at amarting@umich.edu or call (734) 764-7258.