Gifts to CEW+ ignite hope, inspire self-confidence, and change lives.

At CEW+, we deeply value the role that education and employment play in one’s personal growth and advancement. We also recognize that some individuals take nontraditional paths, and encounter substantial obstacles along the way. CEW+ strives to support these individuals — particularly women and underserved students at the University of Michigan — as they endeavor to pursue their dreams.

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Thanks to the generous support of our donors, CEW+ is able to provide valuable counseling services, pivotal scholarships, and thoughtful, personalized support. CEW+’s Victors for Michigan campaign goals included:

Community Counseling

Gifts to the community counseling program allow CEW+ to offer education and career counseling to all members of the community, free of charge. Counseling participants come to CEW+ seeking support as they prepare to return to school, start a job search, or navigate complicated life changes. In addition to helping participants access valuable resources and achieve their goals, CEW+ counselors validate participants’ experiences. As one counseling participant described: “I felt very relaxed and comfortable talking with the counselor because she made me feel that my voice is important.”

CEW+ Scholarship Program

Gifts to the CEW+ Scholarship Program support returning students and student caregivers at the University of Michigan. CEW+ scholarships and fellowships — averaging $6,600 per student — often provide the financial assistance and encouragement that these students need to complete their degrees. Furthermore, receiving a CEW+ scholarship means joining a vibrant and inspiring community of scholars. In the words of one graduated scholarship recipient: “My scholarship was the wind in my sails. And it still is when I need it. CEW+ is a real community, and it stays with you.”

Scholar Success Fund

CEW+ goes above and beyond to maintain the success and integrity of the Scholarship Program. Scholarship recipients identify CEW+’s personalized outreach, thoughtful recognition, and genuine support as key strengths of the program. However, maintaining this level of consideration takes time and resources; as the number of awards grows, so, too does the need for operating support. Your gift to the Scholar Success Fund will help ensure the long-term stability and quality of the CEW+ Scholarship Program by supporting staff, new information technology, and the CEW+ Scholar Community pilot.

If you have questions or would like more information about giving to CEW+, please contact Alicia Marting at amarting@umich.edu or call (734) 764-7258.