How has CEW+ been a part of your life?

    Since 1964, the staff of CEW+ has had the privilege to meet and serve thousands of women and men via scholarships, counseling, workshops, and other programs. Time and again, those we serve have told us how CEW+ helped and supported them in their professional, educational, and personal lives.

    We are excited to relaunch a project dedicated to sharing the stories of those we serve and celebrating our relationships with U-M students, staff, & faculty and members of the broader community. These stories be featured on the CEW+ website, celebrated during our upcoming 50th-anniversary of scholarships, and archived and used in the future to demonstrate CEW+'s influence and reach.


    Do you have a CEW+ story to share?

    Whether you came in for counseling, a critical difference or research grant, a scholarship, an internship or to attend one of our programs, we hope you’ll take a moment to let us know what that experience meant to you.

    You can tell your story by

    -completing the following questions and submitting your response, or
    -contacting us at [email protected] to learn more about the project and arrange a time to talk.


    Do you have photos from your workplace, travels or educational experiences that you’d like to share with us? We are happy to feature your photo submissions on our website. Please submit as many as you like to [email protected].

    I give my consent to the University of Michigan to use the still photographs, electronic recordings, and text that I have supplied on the internet, in print or otherwise without restriction. I release all claim to and rights in and to those images, regardless of the University’s use. I understand that the pictures belong to the University, and I will not receive payment or any other compensation in connection with the pictures. I understand that some portions of submitted material may not appear in the final publication due to length or inappropriate content. I understand that, if my story contains sensitive material and I wish to remain anonymous, I may request that CEW publish my story under a pseudonym by contacting [email protected].

    I release the University of Michigan from any liability which may or could arise from the use of pictures and text.