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Congratulations to the 2018-2019 CEW+ Scholars & Fellows

CEW+ is pleased to welcome the 2018-19 cohort of 58 Scholars and four Mary Malcomson Raphael Fellows to the Scholar community. Thanks to the generous support of individuals, organizations, clubs, and foundations, this year marks our largest total to date: over $390,000 awarded to these resilient and determined agents of change.

Among them are student parents and primary caregivers, students who are returning to the classroom after a prolonged interruption, first generation and international students, and students who have overcome great obstacles in order to achieve their dream of earning a degree in higher education. These individuals were selected through a highly competitive process as leaders with great potential to make a significant impact in their field.

Our 2018-19 Scholars include 14 doctoral students, 24 master’s students, and 14 undergraduate students, 5 of whom are studying on the Ann Arbor campus. We proudly support 9 additional students at UM-Dearborn, and 8 at UM-Flint. This year’s awards range anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000, to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses, with Mary Malcomson Raphael Fellowships ranging from $2,500-$22,000. The average award amount for a 2018-19 CEW+ Scholar is over $6,000.

The CEW+ Scholarship Program presents awards on an annual basis. If you would like to receive an email notification when the application becomes available for the 2019-20 academic year, please click here to submit your email address.

The 2018-19 CEW+ Scholars and Fellows will be honored at an awards ceremony in Ann Arbor on September 23rd, 2018. Please join us in congratulating each of these talented and promising students!


Aline Underhill Orten Foundation Scholar:
Aminah Muhammad – BS Student in Behavioral Sciences at UM-Dearborn

American Association of University Women: AAUW Scholar:
Nadine Jones – MPA Student in Public Administration at UM-Dearborn

AAUW: Mary Elizabeth Bittman Memorial:
Tamara Edwards – BGS Student in General Studies at UM-Ann Arbor
Miguel Ochoa – BA Student in Spanish at UM-Ann Arbor

Beatrice Kahn Scholar:
Stephanie Sablich – MSW Student in Interpersonal Practice, Children and Youth at UM-Ann Arbor

Beth Halloran Scholar:
Maggie Hanna – PhD Student in Education specializing in Literacy, Language and Culture at UM-Ann Arbor

CEW+ Graduate Scholarship
Justin Villanueva – MA Student in Higher Education Administration with a focus on Diversity and Social Justice at UM-Ann Arbor

Christine Kahan Black Scholar:
Rachel Peery – MA in Literacy at UM-Flint

Collegiate Sorosis Foundation Scholar:
Angela  Bonham – BSW Student in Social Work at UM-Flint

Elizabeth Dusseau and Margaret Dusseau Brevoort Scholars:
Joel Arnold – MSW Student in Interpersonal Practice and Mental Health at UM-Ann Arbor
Mario Oliveira – MPH Student in Environmental Health Sciences at UM-Ann Arbor

Elsie Choy Lee Scholars:
Kelly Hirina – MFA Student in Dance at UM-Ann Arbor
Laura Magnusson – MFA Student in Art at UM-Ann Arbor
Rowan Renee – MFA Student in Visual Art at UM-Ann Arbor

Gail Allen Scholar:
Tamiko Smith – BA Student in History with a minor in African and African American studies at UM-Dearborn

Helen Huff Shell Scholar:
Kelsey Soderstrom – MBA Student in Business Administration at UM-Ann Arbor

Irma M. Wyman Scholars:
Brindha Arinathan – MSE Student in Computer Engineering at UM-Ann Arbor
Cara Canady – MS Student in Information with a certificate in Health Informatics at UM-Ann Arbor
Geoffrey Jenkins – BSE Student in Space Science and Engineering at UM-Ann Arbor
Gerardo Longoria – BSE Student in Mechanical Engineering at UM-Ann Arbor

Jane and Bill Bloom Scholar:
Jesse Mathieu – BA Student in Political Science at UM-Ann Arbor

Jean W. Campbell Scholarship:
Kamaria Porter – PhD Student in Higher Education at UM-Ann Arbor

Joan P. Ireland Scholar:
Ahqam Algalham – BA Student in Early Childhood Education at UM-Dearborn

Linda J. Rider Scholar:
Elissa Gonzalez – BA Student in Communications with a Public Relations Certificate at UM-Dearborn

Lucile B. Conger Alumnae Group Scholar:
Jacquie Gallant – BSW Student in Social Work at UM-Flint

Margaret Dow Towsley Scholars:
Lauren Benjamin – PHD Student completing a Student Initiated Degree Program in English Language and Literature and Comparative Literature at UM-Ann Arbor
Tonya Brown – BA Student in Criminal Justice at UM-Flint
Allison Carron – BS Student in Dental Hygiene at UM-Ann Arbor
Dawn Davis – MSW Student in Interpersonal Practice, Children and Youth at UM-Ann Arbor
Bethany Diedrich – MSW Student in Interpersonal Practice and Mental Health at UM-Ann Arbor
Claudine Margolis – PhD Student in Mathematics Education at UM-Ann Arbor
Heather Rae McAlvey – Doctor of Dental Surgery Student at UM-Ann Arbor
Promise McEntire – PhD Student in Linguistic Anthropology at UM-Ann Arbor
Asia Mohamed – PhD Student in Education, Curriculum and Practice and English as a Second Language at UM-Dearborn
Bashair Pasha – BA Student in Communication at UM-Ann Arbor
Lindsay Passmore – MSW Student in Interpersonal Practice, Aging in Family and Society at UM-Ann Arbor
Amina Peters – MSW Student in Interpersonal Practice, Children and Youth at UM-Ann Arbor
Renee Pinter – MBA Student in Business Administration at UM-Dearborn
Cynthia Rice – BA Student in Communication at UM-Dearborn
Anne Steen – JD Student in Law at UM-Ann Arbor
Andrea Eskridge – MSN Nurse Midwife Student at UM-Ann Arbor
Afifa Uzzaman – MPH Student in Clinical Research Designs, Methodologies and Statistical Analysis at UM-Ann Arbor
Mai Ze Vang – MA and MPP Student in Southeast Asian Studies and Public Policy at UM-Ann Arbor
Alisha Williams – MSN Student in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner at UM-Flint
Sasha Zhou – PhD Student in Public Health, Department of Health Management and Policy with a Sociology Cognate at UM-Ann Arbor

Margaret E. Gnegy Scholar:
Frances Trott – Doctor of Pharmacy Student at UM-Ann Arbor

Molly H. Dobson Scholars:
Holly Honig – BGS Student in General Studies at UM-Ann Arbor
Carla Jackson – BBA Student in Supply Chain Management at UM-Dearborn
Dana Knapp – BSW Student in Social Work at UM-Flint
Adrianna McGeehan – BA Student in English with a specialization in Writing at UM-Flint
Kristy Sanfilippo – BS Student in Dental Hygiene at UM-Ann Arbor

Retirement Income Solutions Scholar:
Thông Phan – MPP Student in Public Policy at UM-Ann Arbor

Robert Bruce Dunlap Memorial Scholar:
Colleen Freund – BS Student in Dental Hygiene at UM-Ann Arbor

Ruth Jeanette Buttrey Scholar:
Vicky Bankowski – BGS Student in General Studies at UM-Ann Arbor

Sarah Winans Newman Scholar:
Emily Armstrong – MPH Student in Environmental Health Science: Exposure Science & Industrial Hygiene at UM-Ann Arbor


Mary Malcomson Raphael Fellows:
Francheska Alers-Rojas – PhD Student in Psychology at UM-Ann Arbor
Ariana Bancu – PhD Student in Linguistics at UM-Ann Arbor
Amanda Respess – PhD Student in Anthropology and History with a certificate in Museum Studies at UM-Ann Arbor
Carly Wayne – PhD Student in Political Science and World Politics at UM-Ann Arbor