Student Caregivers

The resources on this web page may be informative for people who are interested in the mission and activities of CEW+. CEW+ is not endorsing any of these resources or the entities associated with them. Also, CEW+ is not responsible for nor does it control the content of the websites listed below. The resources listed on this web page may be updated from time to time.

Guidance and Counseling

Student Ombuds, Tom Lehker

The Student Ombuds provides confidential service to help individual students solve specific problems by serving as an impartial advocate for fair and consistent treatment.  

Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS is committed to creating an environment based on our values of multicultural, multi-disciplinary, and multi-theoretical practices that allow our diverse student body to access care, receive high-quality services, and take positive pathways to mental health. 

CEW+ Career & Education Counseling

CEW+ assists hundreds of individuals each year as they make decisions about their future through free, confidential counseling that is open to everyone at U-M and in the community.  This comprehensive counseling program supports the exploration of education and career interests within the context of relationships and life circumstances.






Rackham Resolution Officer

The Rackham Resolution Office provides a safe and confidential environment to discuss concerns and advises faculty, postdoctoral fellows, staff, and students on matters related to emergencies, crisis situations, disputes, and student conduct violations. 

Health and Wellbeing

U-M Mott Hospital Parenting Library

The Your Child library was designed to provide parents with helpful information on common physical, mental, and social health topics.  From behavioral challenges and developmental milestones to preventing injuries and making healthy choices, you’ll find a wide range of U-M pediatrician-approved information you can trust. 

U-M Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance plans available to students.

Mary A. Rackham Institute

MARI offers clinical services to address mental health and language and literacy challenges for students, faculty, staff, and the public.  

University Health Service

UHS is your campus health and wellness resource, offering comprehensive clinical services plus support for your well-being.

Maize and Blue Cupboard

The Maize and Blue Cupboard was created to ensure members of the University of Michigan community—whether on a tight budget or physically restrained from getting to a grocery store—receive equitable access to healthy, nutritious, and nourishing food and the ability to prepare it for themselves or others. 

University Health Services Guide

Tips for Academic Success if You are Sick or Injured | University Health Service


Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid’s site includes financial resources, information, options and advice that remove financial barriers and allow students to focus on academic success. The Office of Financial Aid has a specific email, finaid-childcare@umich.edu, for student parents seeking financial aid information.

Financial Assistance for Child Care

The U-M Child Care Subsidy, administered by the U-M Office of Financial Aid, provides funds to undergraduate and graduate students to assist them with the cost of state-licensed child care. 

Child Care Subsidy

Students who have young, dependent children in child care may be eligible for this program, which provides funds to assist students with the cost of child care licensed by the state of Michigan.  

CEW+ Emergency Funding

CEW+ is able to offer small emergency grants to current U-M Ann Arbor graduate students and undergraduate students. These grants, called Emergency Funds (EF), are for unexpected financial emergencies that threaten to derail degree progress. 

Rackham Graduate Student Emergency Funding

The Rackham Emergency Fund is available to help meet the financial needs of Rackham graduate students who encounter an emergency situation or one-time, unusual, or unforeseen expenses during their degree program.  Students who are experiencing financial difficulties that exceed the scope of this fund, or have questions about the eligibility of their situation may contact Darlene Ray-Johnson at rackresolutionofficer@umich.edu or by phone, 734.936-1647.

CARES Act Emergency Funding

Emergency aid through the Coronavirus Relief Fund available to students through December 2020 (on a rolling basis until all funds have been disbursed).  Application:  

Rackham Professional Travel with Children Grant

This grant program supports Rackham graduate student parents who incur expenses while traveling with small children while attending conferences, workshops, meetings, or other academic events as part of their scholarly research or in pursuit of professional career readiness both within and outside of academia. 

Emergency funds across campus

A comprehensive list of emergency funds provided by the Office of the Provost. 

CEW+ Scholarships for Caregivers

Students who are caregivers and are actively enrolled are eligible to apply for CEW+ Scholarships.


On-Campus Housing Resources

U-M offers many on-campus housing options, many of which are designed to help you expand your network, connect with the broader campus community, make long-lasting friendships and develop the skills essential for success in 21st-century careers.

Off-Campus Housing Resources

The Off-Campus Listing Service features multiple property listings and includes advanced search filters, a roommate finder, message boards, and educational resources. It’s a FREE service.  

Policies and Spaces to Support Student Caregivers

Rackham Graduate Student Parental Accommodation Policy

This policy makes it possible for a student immediately following the birth or adoption of a young child to maintain registered full time student status, along with all the benefits of such status, while facilitating the return to full participation in courses, research and teaching.

Rackham Graduate Student Leave of Absence Policy

This policy enables a doctoral student to not register during a fall or winter term when certain life events prevent continued active participation in their degree program. There are four types of leave: personal, family necessity/dependent care, medical, and military reasons.

LSA Emergency Class Absence Policy

If a student-parent encounters a personal or family emergency that necessitates a temporary leave of absence from class, LSA academic advisors can provide resources and support. See LSA’s Class Absence Policy.

Lactation Room Locations

Lactation and Personal Care Rooms located on the U-M Ann Arbor campus and at Michigan Medicine facilities in Ann Arbor are listed below. 

CEW+ Library

An open space located at 330 E. Liberty that is open to all students and their children during regular business hours.  The library has reliable wifi, public access computers, and free coffee & tea.  

U-M and Ann Arbor Bus Routes

Ann Arbor students, with a valid MCard, can ride for free on Ann Arbor buses.  Local and up-to-date bus routes for the city of Ann Arbor.

Dean of Students Office Critical Incident Team Academic Notification

The Dean of Students Office (DOS) Critical Incident Team is available to send academic notification to the school/college of any student who is experiencing a disruption to their academic experience, for any reason. While the academic notification does not serve as an “excused absence” it is intended to create a foundation for a student to speak with their faculty directly about academic adjustments that can be made as appropriate. Please contact the DOS Critical Incident Team to talk about your particular situation and determine whether an academic notification is necessary.

Child Care

Child Care Resources

University Human Resources has gathered several resources, including in-your-home care options, the U-M Children’s Centers, local home-based programs, and databases of all licensed child care centers and homes. 

U-M Children’s Centers

The University of Michigan Children’s Centers support the teaching, research, and service missions of the university by providing exemplary care for children of faculty, staff, and students. 

Campus Child Care Home Network

The Campus Child Care Homes Network serves U-M faculty, staff, and students who need weekday child care in the greater Ann Arbor area. 

Sick or Backup Child Care Service

If your child is mildly ill or if your regular child caregiver is unavailable, and you must be at U-M (at work or school), Kids Kare at Home may be able to help. 

U-M Family Helpers

Family Helpers are current U-M students, recent U-M graduates, or benefits-eligible U-M retirees who offer short-term, partial week, or occasional services in the Ann Arbor-area family homes of current U-M faculty, staff, and students. 

Social Support

Michigan Caregivers and Student Parents

MCaSP is a student organization available to U-M student-parents (undergraduate and graduate) providing social support, advocacy, and resource referrals. 

Rackham Student Parent Facebook Group

This Facebook group provides current information on policies relating to student-parents as well as offer insightful tips and networking opportunities with colleagues.  

Partners Club at Ross

A community of student-parents within Ross, offering support for partners of student-parents as well. 

Mamas in Medicine

Social support and connection for U-M Med school students.  See related blog.  

CEW+ Events calendar 

A calendar of events available to students, many of which are oriented toward empowering non-traditional students, including student caregivers. 

Elder Care Resources

Resources for students caring for elders

A University of Michigan Human Resources compiled list of resources for those with elder care responsibilities. 

Activites for Children

UM HR “Kids Stuff”

A list of kid-friendly activities and events

Kids Go Blue Club

A sports-oriented club for kids

Seeking Support and Understanding Your Rights

U-M Faculty and Staff Allies of Student Parents

Allies can answer questions and provide referrals to resources across campus. List of Allies.  For more information: Student Parent Initiative. 

U-M Student Legal Services

SLS is a full-service law office consisting of five (5) full-time attorneys, one paralegal, and a legal secretary/office manager.  The attorneys at SLS can advise you regarding your legal rights and represent you, if needed, in Washtenaw County courts only.  

CEW+ Guide of Helping Students with Children Graduate  

A CEW+ assessment report of student-parent needs at the University of Michigan, complete with recommendations for empowering student-parents to achieve academic excellence. 

Current GEO contract


Domestic Violence Resources

Resources available through the University to assist, equip, and empower students regarding abusive relationships and situations. http://stopabuse.umich.edu & https://sapac.umich.edu


Other Resources

Rackham Student Parent Video 

Produced by Rackham, this video provides insight into the student-parent experience as well as providing helpful tips. 


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