American Association of University Women

AAUW is a historic organization, founded in 1881, with over 1000 localized branches, student organizations on over 70 campuses and 170,000+ members nationwide. The national organization operates on the mission statement: “Advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.” Through advocacy, leadership development, volunteerism and peer support, we hope to provide U-M students with a space to encourage women’s education and make further advances towards equality and equity. Members also have the unique opportunity to continue involvement with AAUW past college through branch membership.

Any undergraduate or degree-seeking graduate student can join the AAUW for free since U-M is an affiliated school. For more information, please email jenkusch@umich.edu


  • Jennifer Kusch, Primary Contact
  • Tiffany Marra, Advisor
  • Lauren Weisfeld, Treasurer


“I am proud to be an example that people do recover, can change their lives, and help others do the same.”

“I want to take my passion and what I have learned at SEAS to implement that knowledge in the world, where my work can make a difference for those who need it most.”

"I hope that my career will have the impact of...showing biracial people and members of the LGBTQ+ community that they can enter jobs and be an asset to the team because of their different backgrounds not despite them."