CEW+ Financial Wellness | The Juggling Act | Sponsored by Fidelity

March 24, 2022 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

CEW+ Financial Wellness | The Juggling Act Sponsored by Fidelity

How does being sandwiched between kids and aging parents impact us and how do we manage our financial lives? With so many competing priorities, it can feel like a juggling act. Fidelity wants to help. Join CEW+ Director Tiffany Marra as guests from Fidelity share insights on what they have learned about the needs of people like you in this “sandwich” generation, and how their financial wellness program has been designed to address those needs. Fidelity’s life event resources and solutions can help you navigate your journey and get the financial help you need to make better decisions. Also joining the conversation will be the U-M Work-Life Resource center, and the CEW+ Counseling Team who will share tips, resources, and support for your personal and professional goals, uniquely available within the U-M community.

Featured Guests:

  • Jennie McAlpine, Director, U-M Work-Life Resource Center
  • Ciara C. Merriman, Fidelity Retirement Planner, CEW+ Leadership Council Member
  • Meghan Murphy, Team Leader, Life Events, Fidelity
  • Courtney Reid, Counseling Program Manager, CEW+
  • Michael Welton, Fidelity Director, Retirement Planner

You can also join Fidelity for Invest Like a Woman: Money Moves for Today’s World – exclusive virtual events in March.

Throughout the month, guest speakers such as Farnoosh Torabi (Editor at Large CNET, So Money), Erin Lowry (Broke Millennial), Tori Dunlap (Her First $100K), Cate Luzio (Luminary), and Claire Wasserman (Ladies Get Paid) will join conversations that can help you turn smart money habits into savvy investing. Register now for real talk and helpful tips.

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