Understanding and Addressing Racial Inequities in Lupus

April 14, 2023 10:00 am - 11:00 am
CEW+, 330 E. Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, MI

CEW+Inspire Workshop Series

Facilitated by Kourtney Pony, MD/MBA Candidate, University of Michigan; Rachel Bergmans, MPH, PhD, Research Investigator, University of Michigan Department of Anesthesiology, Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center (CPFRC)


This workshop references work with the Community Advisory Board for Lupus Care and Research (Lupus CAB) as a starting point to discuss racial inequities in healthcare and lupus more specifically. The presentation will be co-led by Kourtney Pony (student lead for the Lupus CAB, 3rd-year medical student) and Dr. Rachel Bergmans (faculty co-leader for the CPFRC Health Equity Core). The workshop will be a mixture of a lecture and group discussion to highlight racial inequities in healthcare. Participants will be divided into groups to discuss a series of questions as each inequity is revealed and they will learn from data that address each response. The nuance this workshop aims to capture is that there is a history of mistreatment towards Black patients within medicine, and there are still present-day problems that we must address to reduce inequities in lupus care and research, as well as the healthcare system in general.


The CEW+Inspire initiative is a multifaceted program that aims to expand the vision of what is possible and teach lifelong skills to underserved students, empowering each to make bold and confident choices about their futures.

Through programming offered under the CEW+Inspire initiative, U-M students, staff, and faculty converge to build coping and resilience skills through mindfulness, the celebration of diverse scholarship, and recognizing the value underserved students bring to the university community.

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