CO-SPONSORED EVENT | Express Yourself! A Vibrant Celebration of Intersecting Identities (SCOR 2024 Symposium)

March 7, 2024 3:00 pm - March 8, 2024 9:30 pm

SCOR’s annual symposium is back on March 7th – 8th and we want to know how you Express Yourself: A Celebration of Intersecting Identities! For this year’s theme Express Yourself—a vibrant celebration of self-expression—we want to shed light on the creative avenues you take to navigate post-pandemic life and in light of day to day stressors. We extend a warm invitation to our attendees to share the stories of emergence, immersion, and transformation that define their unique journeys. Beyond being students or researchers, we are multifaceted individuals, shaped by diverse experiences that influence the way we present ourselves, the outlets we embrace, and the meaningful work we undertake. This symposium is your canvas to showcase your authentic selves, a sanctuary where you can be true to your identity even in the face of oppressive spaces. Through an inspiring array of presentations, workshops, showcases, and a captivating keynote address, our program aims to kindle the flame of creativity within you. Our vision is for each participant to leave feeling not only motivated but also empowered to explore their creative depths, envisioning a future marked by equity, particularly for marginalized groups. Join us as we delve into the realms of Afro-, Asian-, and Chicana-Futurism, collectively shaping a narrative that fosters imagination and propels us towards a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

Each year, SCOR is proud to host an annual social justice symposium. This event is a part of SCOR’s legacy and a testament to our commitment of fostering dialogue and awareness surrounding the academic, social, and cultural journeys of graduate students of color at the University of Michigan. While the symposium is thoughtfully designed with the needs and experiences of graduate students in focus, we extend invitations to both undergraduate students and faculty, recognizing that our experiences are not only unique to us. We understand it is important to garner a supportive community. We seek support from faculty who have navigated similar paths and from other students who resonate with the symposium themes. This is also an opportune time to connect with others who are contemplating their next steps after undergraduate or masters studies. Aligned with our mission, SCOR welcomes everyone, irrespective of identities, religion, culture or abilities to participate in the symposium, showcasing the rich diversity and wealth of scholarly talent that Michigan graduate students have to offer. In pursuit of our objectives, this year’s symposium revolves around the theme “Express Yourself—a vibrant celebration of self-expression.” Our aim is to cultivate a safe and encouraging space for students to explore creative outlets and illuminate how their multifaceted experiences shape their research, hobbies, and other interests in the face of challenging realities.