CO-SPONSORED EVENT | Conversation with Hi’ilei Hobart on What Shave Ice Teaches us About Refreshment, Race, Colonialism, and Body Politics

February 22, 2022 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

“Conversation with Hi’ilei Hobart on What Shave Ice Teaches us About Refreshment, Race, Colonialism, and Body Politics”

*Note: Due to a last-minute emergency, Dr. Hi’ilei Hobart cannot join us live tomorrow evening as planned. She has graciously offered to pre-record the planned class discussion with Dr. Margot Finn, which we will broadcast during our class time on Tuesday evening. Thank you for your understanding. 

Dr. Hi’ilei Hobart is the author of Cooling the Tropics: Ice, Indigeneity, and Hawaiian Refreshment (forthcoming). She is a Professor at the University of Texas at Austin and examines the intersections of temperature, taste, and settler colonialism in Oceania. Dr. Hobart is interested in how personal and political investments in coldness facilitate ideas about race, belonging, comfort, and leisure in the Pacific.

You are also invited to join Dr. Hobart for an in-person talk on campus on February 21st: Managing Melt: Ice, Refrigeration, and Hawaiian Body Politics as a part of the Water Ways series located in ISR-Thompson 6050 from noon-1pm.

Food Literacy for All is a community-academic partnership course based at the University of Michigan. Structured as an evening lecture series, Food Literacy for All features different guest speakers each week to address challenges and opportunities of diverse food systems. Food Literacy for All is free and open to the public.

The winter 2022 course begins on Tuesday evening, January 11, 2022. If you have questions, please contact [email protected] or find more information here: https://sites.lsa.umich.edu/sustainablefoodsystems/foodliteracyforall

Speaker schedule:

Feb 15 Priya Fielding-Singh
“How the Other Half Eats: the Untold Story of Food and Inequality in America”

Feb 22 Hi’ilei Hobart
“What Shave Ice Teaches us About Refreshment, Race, Colonialism, and Body Politics”

Mar 8 Deanna Belleny
“Cultivating a Food System Grounded in Equity: The Role of Healthcare and Healthcare Providers”

Mar 15 Ashanté Reese and Malik Yakini
“Where Food Justice Theory Meets Practice: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of Food”

Mar 22 Savala Nolan
“Why Fatphobia? Understanding the Roots and Uses of Anti-fat Bias”

Mar 29 Alita Kelly, Jason Bang, Raphael Wright
“Small Grocer Panel: Supplying Kimchi and Collards during a Global Pandemic”

Apr 5 Anthony Hatch
“Metabolism Cages for New World Animals, Large and Small”

Apr 12 Fast Food for Thought
10 interdisciplinary UM faculty members will give a series of fast-paced talks (5 min each) related to food and/or agriculture

Apr 19 Final Class


Food Literacy for All is hosted by the UM Sustainable Food Systems Initiative. The 2022 course is supported by the CEW+ Frances and Sydney Lewis Visiting Leaders Fund, the Residential College, the School of Public Health’s Department of Nutritional Sciences, the Taubman Institute, the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, the Department of American Culture, and the Department of Anthropology.