FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT SERIES: #4 Caring for Your$elf | April 9, 2024

April 9, 2024 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
CEW+, 330 E. Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, MI

Dinner provided! Registration is required for food planning purposes.

Order to take workshops:

  • 1 – Your Money Story
  • 2 – Making Confident Financial Decisions
  • 3 – Ultimate Financial Wellness
  • 4 – Caring for Your$elf
  • 5 – Be The Boss of Your Finances

Budgets, interest rates, and credit scores sound dry, boring, and a little overwhelming? You’re not imagining it. Most financial literacy content focuses on the dollars and cents and omits the very real emotional, psychological, and systemic reasons money stuff feels so dull. But? It’s good stuff to know, and we rarely get the opportunity to learn about it in a shame-free space where every question is valued and honored.

In this interactive workshop facilitated by U-M alum and financial therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, you’ll learn why traditional budgeting doesn’t work, understand some of the personal finance terms you’re bound to come across, and learn how to make meaningful financial goals.

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