VIRTUAL | CEW+Inspire Midweek Mindfulness-Guided Sit, June 8

June 8, 2022 12:15 pm - 12:45 pm

As part of the CEW+Inspire initiative, CEW+ holds mindful meditation sits virtually on Wednesdays at 12:15.

Mindfulness Meditation is a skill that can be learned and when practiced has the power to enhance a sense of wellbeing, focus, and interconnectedness. As we all continue to navigate uncertainty and challenges that are inherent in the act of being human, we benefit from and are grateful for diverse cultures and traditions across the globe. Collectively they have passed on a wide variety of contemplative practices that encourage reflection, silence, and centering into the present moment to help us cope and better respond. Engaging in contemplative practices supports the individual, by cultivating a sense of awareness and well-being, and benefit society by enhancing one’s capacity to create connection and community, and to become an agent of positive social change. There are many forms of contemplative practices, including meditation. Mindfulness meditation is one form aimed to help focus our awareness on the present moment as it unfolds, moment to moment, without judgment. Research on mindfulness continues to find a wide range of benefits. In short, Mindfulness may be viewed as cognitive training that bolsters our ability to handle stress, poor mood, and threat. It also increases our capacity to focus our attention on what is most important to us and to be more compassionate to ourselves and to others.

On Wednesdays from 12:15 – 12:45 pm, we come together in community to practice this skill in an open and supportive virtual space. Whether you are new to mindfulness meditation or are an experienced practitioner each session is designed to offer guidance and support to assist you. Join this supportive community and experience the gift of present moment awareness.