Graduation Grant Program

Through our work, CEW+ has recognized the financial challenges students may navigate around managing educational costs as they complete their degree program. The CEW+ Graduation Grant Program is focused on providing one-time grants (up to $3500) covering student account charges (including tuition, fees, etc) to students experiencing a financial setback in the final term of their degree. With these grant allocations, we hope to eliminate the financial barriers that may prevent a student from graduating.


Eligible students must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a degree-granting program at the UM Ann Arbor campus
  • Be eligible to graduate at the end of the current academic term
  • Have a current student account balance of $3500 or less
  • Have adequate room within the financial aid budget to receive the grant without negative impact to other aid

Applications are accepted and reviewed once per academic term (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer) within a designated application window. 


The Winter 2024 application has closed.

Decision Notifications for the Winter 2024 application cycle will be sent during the week of April 8, 2024.

Interested in being notified about future application cycles? Sign up for our email notification list! We will also announce upcoming application cycles via the CEW+ email newsletter.

How To Apply

To be considered for CEW+ Graduation Grant funds, students must complete the application form listed below and attach documentation that confirms eligibility to graduate at the end of the current academic term. Documentation confirming graduation eligibility can include degree audits, letter from an academic advisor or committee chair, or copy of a successful application for graduation within your program. Applications must be completed in full; incomplete applications will not be considered. 

We encourage review of the Graduation Grant Program FAQ sheet listed below to help applicants best prepare for application submission. 

Graduation Grant Application Form

Click here for the CEW+ Graduation Grant Program FAQ

Award Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated at the close of the application window by CEW+ staff with the support of the Office of Financial Aid. Awardees will be determined by random selection until program funding for the semester is exhausted. CEW+ will notify applicants of the outcome of their application status during the timeline listed above, with additional information about funding disbursement being given to those who are selected to receive a grant.

Grant recipients will be asked to complete a post-graduation survey to communicate their degree completion status and additional feedback regarding the program.


Click here for the CEW+ Graduation Grant Program FAQ

Other questions? Contact [email protected] or (734) 764-6360.


CEW+ celebrates Zoe’s dedication to marginalized workers and names her a Riecker Graduate Student Research Fellow.

“I intend to shed critical light onto the often overlooked experiences of women agroindustry workers and the key roles these women play in fostering and undermining intercommunal relations in southern Thailand.”

“My hope is to be that support and sounding board for my clients as well and to provide them with a safe space to share and to allow for self-care.”