8th Grade Girls Create “Wage Gap” Video Detailing Current and Historical Inequities

Aarushi Ganguly (left) and fellow student Moriah Ma are 8th graders from East Middle School in Plymouth, MI. In early December, they reached out to CEW Director, Gloria Thomas, to request an interview for their school social studies project for the CSPAN StudentCam contest, which has the theme: Road to the White House: What’s the issue YOU most want candidates to discuss during the 2016 presidential campaign?(see http://www.studentcam.org) The topic these two Talented and Gifted students from East Middle School chose to focus on is the gender pay gap.

Using what they learned in their research and interview, they created a video called The Wage Gap. “Two girls discover the truth behind the gender wage gap and what it entails. They look at historical and educational aspects. Many workers, male and female, with a variety of familiarity to the subject are interviewed. Overall, the documentary shows the real truth to pay inequality between genders.

One hundred fifty winning videos will be announced on the StudentCam website in March 2016. Meanwhile, we’re sending Aarushi and Moriah best wishes for their video to be among them. The issue of the gender wage gap is a real one, and we thank them for bringing this topic to the attention of the presidential candidates and for adding their voices to the advocacy efforts for addressing this persistent gender inequity.

Click here to watch their video and vote!

Voting begins February 29 and continues through March 4th.