Celebrating 60 Years of CEW+: Inspiring Potential Since 1964

This year, CEW+ is celebrating its 60th anniversary by revisiting the Center’s legacy of empowerment and reinforcing its commitment to making potential possible.

Founded in 1964, CEW+ (then known as the Center for the Continuing Education of Women) was established to provide resources to women at the university and to assist the university in making itself welcoming to women students furthering their education. Since its earliest days, the Center has provided counseling services, offered financial support and education to students, and advocated for change within the university and beyond. Some key populations that the Center has served include women returning to higher education, underrepresented individuals in STEM, women of color in academia, international students, and student parents and caregivers. The Center also provides funding to local and global activists working on issues of gender and social equity through the Twink Frey Visiting Social Activist award, Gutsy Broad Fellowship Fund, Menakka and Essel Bailey Graduate Fellowship Fund, Rieker Graduate Student Research Fund, Simson Family Graduate Student Fellowship Fund, and the Carol Hollenshead Inspire Awards.

In 2018, the Center rebranded as CEW+ to reflect its commitment to advocating for all nontraditional students and underserved communities, regardless of gender. CEW+ continues to empower constituents by providing resources, career and education counseling, events and workshops, and emergency funding and scholarships. Through donor support, we are always working to expand and grow these services. (Click here for ways that you can make an impact.)

As part of our 60th-anniversary celebration, CEW+ will host a series of events both in Ann Arbor and across the country, including gatherings, film screenings, and more to engage alumni, scholars, donors, and friends with CEW+’s legacy and to celebrate its mission. Events will be announced throughout this year, so please regularly visit our Events & Workshops page to learn more, or reach out to Amy Chappuis at [email protected].