Center for the Education of Women now known as CEW+

In an effort to best impact the lives of a larger constituency, the Center for the Education of Women will now be known as CEW+. Fifty-four years ago, the Center was founded with the distinct purpose of helping women achieve their academic pursuits. Throughout the years, CEW+ has successfully served women by identifying unmet needs, creating programs and services to best support our constituents, and partnering with other units and U-M leadership to sustain successful programming.

While programming was designed to meet the unique needs of women, CEW+ services have increasingly been utilized by underrepresented minorities, LGBTQ+ constituents and various other marginalized populations that intersect with all genders. While the Center has served a diverse constituency for years, an internal review suggested that fact was not outwardly apparent, presenting an opportunity to reorganize and rebrand to make the Center more accessible to those who can benefit from its resources.

“We have reframed our work in ways that pay tribute to the Center’s incredible history; leverage the collective expertise of our staff; and expand how, as a U-M community, we identify and support underserved populations across campus,” said Tiffany Marra, CEW+ Director.

Now known as CEW+, the Center will continue to address the challenges and issues uniquely faced by women, especially women of color, focusing on educational and financial supports, career advancement, salary negotiation, and creating communities that extend beyond U-M. The Center will also serve as a convening organization for units across U-M that serve all underserved students and in partnership with other units, CEW+ will become the home of emerging programs designed to support underserved populations by catalyzing, providing for, and incubating these ideas in the hope that they become institutionalized.

“Though we will continue to address the challenges uniquely faced by women,” said Marra, “our focus is to ensure that all underserved and marginalized populations on campus find CEW+ as a resource, partner, and advocate.”

CEW+ Press Release