CEW Celebrates 50 Years of Service

Over five decades the Center has changed in size, emphasis, and programming. Yet it remains consistent in its commitment to encouraging and enabling women to access education, to seek adequate and fulfilling employment, and to acknowledge and balance the multiple aspects of their complex lives. Responding to a changing society and an ever-changing campus administration, the Center and its leaders skillfully maintain their place at the University.

To see just how much we’ve accomplished, contact [email protected] for more information about obtaining a copy of A Matter of Fairness: A History of the Center for the Education of Women at the University of Michigan written by Jeanne E. Miller. Publication of the book was made possible in part thanks to sponsorship by the Bentley Historical Library and is now available at the Center.

Visit our page to see additional historical photos accompanied by excerpts from A Matter of Fairness.

(Above) The first CEW house, located at 330 Thompson St, was in use from 1967 to 1981. The Center opened its doors September 1, 1964, in a two-room space in the Michigan League. Only three years they were able to move to the 330 Thomson St. building, tripling their space. In its first long-term assessment of its work, published in 1978, the Center could report that the number of full-and part- time staff had grown to seventeen and its offices had again expanded to a house next door at 328 Thompson St.