CEW+ News: Fall 2023

You can read the latest edition of our CEW+ News magazine here. Please take note that the magazine is interactive; you can click on bolded words, images, graphics, and ads to read and learn more.

Through the lens of participants, alumni, scholars, fellows, Twink Frey Visiting Social Activists, donors, and staff, you will learn about the many ways the CEW+ community supports individuals in high-impact ways. You will also learn about our newest endeavor, the Financial Empowerment Initiative (pages 3-4), a cross-campus initiative focused on the psychological, social, and emotional factors that impact individuals’ financial decision-making. The goal of the program will be to encourage participants to reflect on their learned financial decision-making behaviors and the alignment of those behaviors with their long-term goals.

I am grateful for the strong foundation that was established by past leaders, the vision of our donors, and support from remarkable partners. That foundation is what allows us to continue innovating and challenging systems on behalf of our constituents.

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Tiffany Marra
CEW+ Director

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