CEW+ News: Spring 2020

Dear CEW+ Friends,

Please read our latest edition of CEW+ News online or by downloading and printing in pdf format. Staff members have been working hard on this newsletter for months, which, coupled with the ever-changing dynamics in society means we needed to add to the conversation via this letter. We hope that you can find solace in the uplifting messages of students, stories of inspiration, and be as proud as we are of the impact we have had across campus while faced with a pandemic.

Our nation is at a tipping point with the increasing exposure of police brutality and its disproportionate effect on people of color, during the Pandemic which is also impacting communities of color at a higher rate. CEW+ is committed to combating racism through individual and organizational reflection that will guide us on our continued path to create change. We recognize that it is crucial at this time in history to find models to support one another in ways that are respectful to the diverse needs of each person and each community. In the upcoming year, you will see a very intentional focus on defining and supporting models of allyhood.  I hope that you will contribute your perspective and support to those conversations. We need everyone to bring their authentic, best selves to the discussion to be able to create meaningful and lasting change.

Many U-M and national leaders have shared reflections and messages that each of us may use as guideposts on our personal journeys. Please take a moment to read a few of them as you process your own experiences. I am confident that together our committed community can figure out a path forward.

We are here to support you. We appreciate your trust and support. We are stronger together.

Humbly yours and in solidarity,

Tiffany Marra signature

Tiffany Marra, Director