CEW+ Survey: Childcare needs of student-parents

CEW+ is currently conducting a survey to assess the needs of parents who use paid childcare facilities. We are very interested in understanding accessibility issues, including the travel time and distance required to reach childcare facilities. Since caregiver/parenting status is not regularly collected as part of student demographics, there is no list of students from which we can draw a survey sample. Instead, we are relying on our networks to distribute information about the survey and obtain student responses.

Please respond to our survey if you are a student parent and haven’t already done so, and encourage other student parents you know to participate.  If you are a faculty or staff member, you can assist us by sharing the survey link and encouraging student parents you know to respond. Domestic and international students are encouraged to complete the survey.

Click here to access the survey.

CEW+’s evaluation and needs assessment team will be happy to share a summary of the survey results after the data are analyzed. The team will close the survey on Friday, Dec. 1.