Nominees sought for 2023 Goddard Power and Dumas awards

The Academic Women’s Caucus is accepting nominations from the university community for the 2023 Sarah Goddard Power and Rhetaugh G. Dumas Progress in Diversifying Awards. Nominations for both awards are due October 21, 2022.

Sarah Goddard Power was a major contributor to the advancement of higher education, an advocate for affirmative action and human rights, and a champion of freedom for the international press. A U-M Regent for more than 12 years, she worked to advance the position of women and minorities in faculty and administrative roles. The Sarah Goddard Power Award recognizes those who have made significant achievements in contributing to the betterment of current challenges faced by women through distinguished leadership, scholarship, or other activities related to their professional lives.

Click here to submit a nomination for the Sarah Goddard Power Award for U-M faculty members (i.e. instructors, lecturers, researchers, librarians, curators, and senior administrative staff) who embody the values of the Award.

Rhetaugh G. Dumas was an esteemed leader with vision, insight, and wise counsel who had a major impact on the advancement of nursing, healthcare, and academic programs at U-M. Vice Provost Emerita Dumas was the first African-American woman to hold the position of a Dean at the University of Michigan when she was appointed in 1981. She remained Dean of Nursing until 1994, when she was named the inaugural vice provost for health affairs and the Lucille Cole Professor of Nursing. The Rhetaugh G. Dumas Progress in Diversifying Award recognizes a U-M academic unit’s progress in establishing and maintaining a concurrent ethnic/racial and gender diversity at the full professor and associate professor ranks, both tenured and non-tenured, and concurrent ethnic/racial and gender diversifying in junior ranks.

Click here to submit a nomination to recognize an academic unit through the Rhetaugh G. Dumas Progress in Diversifying Award.

Honorees will be recognized at a virtual award ceremony on February 7, 2023. 


     Sarah Goddard Power Award
     Click here to read more and submit a nomination: cew.umich.edu/sgpaward

     Rhetaugh G. Dumas Progress in Diversifying Award
     Click here to read more and submit a nomination: cew.umich.edu/rgdumas-award.

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