Our Revitalized “Home Away From Home”

When CEW+’s director Tiffany Marra began in July 2016, one of her first priorities was for CEW+ to be a more physically welcoming space for nontraditional students and friends of the Center. A place to build community and encourage everyone to reach their full potential. Over the next 2.5 years, small steps were made to create this “home away from home,” culminating in a major renovation completed in January 2019. On February 15, 2019, CEW+ celebrated the renovation with an open house that brought over 60 visitors to the Center. A few highlights of the renovation are the open, light-filled space, new banquette seating along the perimeter, multi-function table stations, and a coffee/tea and filtered water station that is available to visitors anytime during business hours. If you have not had a chance to come to CEW+ recently, we encourage you to stop by.

Renovations will continue throughout the Summer to update the counseling waiting area and counseling room furniture, add charging stations in the library, and update visual displays and wall hangings throughout the common areas in the office.  

Quotes from friends of the Center regarding the renovation:

The energy flows better now. The couches and windows make me feel welcome here, like I could come read peacefully.”  –Erika Murcia, CEW+ past scholarship recipient, and current CEW+ Scholar Community Board Member

Having this quiet study space is much appreciated. Thanks for creating this atmosphere!”  –2019 Winter Term Study Day participant

Before renovations

Collage of photos before renovation


After renovations

Collage of photos taken after renovation